How to Delete Hidden Apps on an iPhone: Find and Fix in Seconds

It’s natural to determine that certain apps on your iPhone are no longer useful over time.

There could be a number of reasons for this, including the fact that you are no longer utilizing a specific service, you have lost interest in it, or the app has been terminated by the developer or is no longer supported by Apple.

Whatever the cause, if you have deleted apps that are now hidden on your iPhone, you may want to know how to erase them.

How to Find and Remove Hidden Apps on an iPhone in Seconds

If you know the name of an app that is currently hidden on your iPhone that you want to uninstall, simply swipe down, search for it, hold your figure over it, and then click the X in the top corner to delete it. If not, go to your Apps and delete the ones you don’t want.

It can be difficult to find apps you no longer require on your iPhone once they have been hidden.

It is, nevertheless, feasible to locate those hidden programs and delete them. They should display in your App Library, where you can take the necessary steps to delete them from your iPhone.

Why Would Apps on an iPhone Be Hidden?

Hide apps are a useful feature for certain iPhone users if their Home Screen is too cluttered and those apps aren’t utilized as frequently as others.

This is why your device may contain hidden apps.

To remove hidden apps from your home screen, simply touch and hold on them, select “Remove App,” and then “Remove from Home Screen.”

The app would then be essentially archived in your App Library.

The App Library was introduced with the release of iOS 14 in September 2020. Since the release of iOS, any hidden apps are stored there.

Is it Possible to Remove Hidden Apps from an iPhone?

Since iOS 14, the iPhone has featured the App Library function, which allows you to hide apps from your Home Screen that you no longer want.

This acts as a digital drawer that stores all of your device’s installed apps.

While you may be aware that certain apps are hidden on your iPhone, you may not be aware of how to access them. To access them, swipe across your iPhone’s screen from right to left until the App Library displays.

You’ll be able to see any apps you’ve previously hidden from your device’s Home Screen when browsing through the App Library.

It’s simple to remove hidden apps from your iPhone. You can delete hidden applications in a few different ways once you’ve selected which ones you want to remove.

What are the Different Ways to Remove Hidden Apps from an iPhone?

There are a few various methods you can use to erase hidden apps from your iPhone.

Spotlight Search is one approach to get rid of hidden programs.

Swipe down on the Home Screen of your iPhone and enter the name of the app you wish to uninstall.

When the app appears, press and hold it for a few seconds, then tap “Delete App” and then “Delete.” You should now be able to uninstall the program from your iPhone.

In the Settings app on your iPhone, you can also delete hidden apps. To do so, first, go to Settings and then to General.

Select iPhone Storage from the menu.

It may take some time for all of your apps to appear when you access them through the iPhone Storage option, depending on your iPhone storage and how many apps you have loaded.

After it loads, you can tape on the name of the program you’re looking for. Then touch “Delete App” on your iPhone to get rid of the hidden app.

Finally, you may delete hidden apps straight from the App Library on your iPhone.

Swipe from the right to the left on your iPhone’s Home Screen until you reach the App Library.

Locate and press and hold the app you want to delete, then tap “Delete App” and pick “Delete.”This should totally remove the hidden app from your iPhone.

While in the App Library, you can also scroll down to see an alphabetical list of all the apps installed on your iPhone.

At the top of the screen, there is a search bar where you may enter in the name of the programme you want to find to get to it quickly.

Please keep in mind that you can only delete hidden apps if you have iOS 14 or later on your iPhone.

These approaches aren’t compatible with older versions of iOS.

Is It Possible to Remove a Hiding App from the App Store?

You can delete hidden apps from the App Store in addition to uninstalling them from your iPhone using the methods described above.

This ensures that the next time you have an app that has to be updated, you will not update an app that you no longer care about or want.

On your iPhone, go to the App Store and tap on your profile image.

You can also do this by pressing and holding the App Store app and selecting “Updates.”

Scroll down to see whether the app you’re looking for is available.

If it isn’t there, refresh the “Updates” panel by pulling down on it.

This should bring up any apps that need to be updated.

You can swipe left on the app and click “Delete” if it displays under “Available Updates” or “Updated Recently.” This will remove the app from the App Store as well as your iPhone.

How Do You Hide Purchased Apps From Your App Store?

If you want to hide apps, you can do it via your iPhone’s Purchases list rather than directly from your Home Screen.

To accomplish this, open the App Store app and tap on your profile image.

Then select “Purchased” from the drop-down menu.

You may either use the search option or scroll through the list to find the app you want to uninstall.

When you’ve found the app you want to hide, touch “Hide” and then “Done”The program should now be removed from your list of purchased apps.”

You have a few alternatives for uninstalling an app you had hidden from your iPhone’s Home Screen if you no longer want or need it.

Each of these solutions is quick and simple, and they will help you free up some space on your smartphone.

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