How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment

How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment?

It’s in human nature that a thing of beauty catches one’s eye. And undoubtedly, a lush green garden is a beautiful sight to watch, as it soothes one’s soul. It also gives utter satisfaction to a homeowner that he has done the job right! 

However, every now and then, all gardeners face a problem, because no matter how hard you have worked on your lawn, a time comes when you need to deal with the thatch build-up. Thatches consist of over-grown roots, stem and dead grass that gather over the lawn surface and block the sunlight from reaching till the bottom, which affects the growth of the grass severely.

If you own a small garden, you can remove these thatches simply by using a leaf rake, but if you own a huge yard, then you have to go for options other than using manual rakes. 

The most efficient and cheaper among all is dethatching lawn using a mower attachment, as it will prove to be your best bet! All you need to do is own a lawnmower and remove its blade A.K.A. its cutting blade and fit the dethatching blade in its place.

A Step-By-Step Guide Of Dethatching Your Lawn With Mower Attachment

Using a lawnmower for dethatching is not only satisfying but comfortable too. Let us guide you step-by-step how to dethatch your lawn using a mower attachment:

1. Inspect Your Yard Whether It Needs Dethatching Or Not:

The foremost step is to inspect whether your lawn needs the dethatching or not. You can examine the lawn by walking barefooted on the lawn. If it feels firm, it does not have a thatch build-up. However, if it feels spongy or if your feet sink deep into the grass, it needs the dethatching treatment.

2. Start With Mowing The Lawn First:

Before dethatching, it’s important to trim the tall grass first by mowing with a regular lawn mower with the same cutting blade it comes with. The purpose of mowing is to shorten the height of the grass. The shorter the grass, the better. Additionally, It will also remove most of the dead grass above the soil. 

3. Attach The Dethatching Blade To Lawnmower:

Remove the regular cutting blade of the mower. Before removing it, you must note the blade’s position where it fits properly so that you can reattach it without any difficulty. Now attach the dethatching blade in its place in the same fitting position. 

Mower attachments for thatching look-alike the regular mowing blades, but they have slightly modified metal or sharp plastic projections in place of ordinary blades. You must buy the dethatching blade which suits your lawn the best. Now you are good to go!

4. Mow The Lawn Again With Dethatching Blades:

Now you have to adjust the settings on the lawnmower to increase the deck height. Start mowing in a similar fashion; pulling and pushing the mower to and fro. The dethatching blades help in getting rid of the dead grass and stems. 

Ensure that you’ve completely removed the thatch. When you’re done, adjust the deck height back to normal again.

5. Collect And Bag The Thatch:

The last yet the most crucial step is to collect the mess and bag it. You can either rake the lawn manually or use any electric catcher or bagger for collecting thatch for easy disposal.

6. Give Good Fertilizer And Water To Your Lawn:

After finishing with the repair, water and fertilize your yard frequently. Always use the fertilizer of good quality, with all the essential nutrients for the quick and lush thriving of the grass. Also, the soil must be moistened enough to sustain new lawn growth.

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The thatch build-up is very detrimental for the health of your lawn.  Always ensure the frequent dethatching of your yard as a standard practice. Dethatching has been made easy for you in this guide since now you don’t have to buy expensive dethatching machines. 

Now all you need is a lawnmower and a dethatching blade to transform your little yard into an extraordinarily beautiful sight!

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