How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos [Android & iPhone]

The WhatsApp Status Feature is utilised by around 450 million people every day, making it the most popular feature on the network. The next thought is to figure out how to download WhatsApp movies on both Android and iPhone devices.

Is it feasible to get a copy of another person’s current status? Yes, in a word. You can use a variety of methods to obtain information about another person’s present status. But how do you go about doing it?

Simply follow these simple directions and you’ll be able to install it on your Android or iPhone device in no time.

On Android, how can you download WhatsApp status videos

There are two alternatives for fast and conveniently saving the current WhatsApp status. The first option is to employ a specialist application.

 You can also use the manual way if you only need to save the statuses once in a while. Both of these ideas are explored in further depth further down.

Method 1: Save the status files manually on your Android phone (using File Manager)

WhatsApp saves the status files (videos in this case) locally on the phone. After 24 hours, they are, however, immediately erased. As a result, you can copy them out of the temporary folder and save them somewhere safe. Here’s how you do it:

Please keep in mind that this task will necessitate the use of a file manager tool. Pre-installed Android is available on the majority of smartphones (including those from Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and OnePlus).

You may discover it on the Play Store by searching for “Files” or “File Manager.” If you don’t have a built-in file manager, you can download and use Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer (as is the case with Nokia Android phones). Here’s how to do it:

  • View the current state that you’d like to save and download. This saves a copy of the file in the phone’s memory.
  • Start your “File Manager” app—File Manager, Solid Explorer, or anything similar.
  • Show hidden files” should be enabled.
  • It is important to enable the showing of hidden files in your file manager’s options.
  • Go to WhatsApp > Media > Statuses > Internal Storage > Statuses.
  • Copy the videos you want to keep.
  • After that, move them to a new folder

That’s all there is to it! The copied videos will be kept on file indefinitely. You may get to them later by going to the folder where they were copied and opening it.

Method 2: Use a specialised application to save status files.

Rather than dealing with the bother of storing your friend’s WhatsApp status yourself, you can use a third-party app. The software will compile all of the statuses you’ve seen and give them to you in a logical order. This is how you do it:

  • Open WhatsApp and scroll through the list of saved or downloaded statuses.
  • On your Android device, download Status Saver from the Google Play Store. Click here to access it in your browser or on the Play Store.
  • Download Status Saver from the Google Play Store.
  • It is highly advised that you grant the app access to your smartphone’s files. Because that is how the software will access the storage in order to collect WhatsApp Status data.
  • To begin the saving process, select the video you want to save and then tap the Save icon.
  • Any video you save will be saved to your phone’s internal storage.

It’s finished! You’ve just saved a copy of your friend’s WhatsApp status/story to your computer, which will be saved eternally.

On your iPhone, how can you download WhatsApp status videos?

It’s a bummer that the official WhatsApp app for the iPhone lacks any buttons that allow you to download someone’s WhatsApp status. However, you can make it happen by using the strategies listed below

The first method is to use the BuildStore.

You’ll need a BuildStore account to do so.

  • Begin by uninstalling the original WhatsApp app from your iPhone.
  • To register your iPhone, create an account on BuildStore.
  • To download WhatsApp ++, open your Safari browser and navigate to this page.
  • Open WhatsApp++ and sign up for a new account with a valid phone number.
  • Open the WhatsApp app and go to the Stories area.
  • To download, click the button in the upper right corner and then select a save spot for the file.

Use a screen recording application as a second option.

This straightforward method can be used to save your WhatsApp status on your iPhone. All you have to do now is follow the guidelines listed below.

  • To get started, go to Settings >> Control Center.
  • At this moment, you’ll see a grey record button.
  • Press the microphone button to activate the microphone.
  • After that, select “Start Recording” from the drop-down menu. After then, there will be a three-second countdown.
  • Open the WhatsApp app and go to the navigation bar and select Status.
  • Begin by looking at your most popular status. After you’ve done watching what you were looking for, you must stop recording the video.
  • The Red Record Button can be accessed by first opening the Control Center and then pressing the Red Record Button. You can also utilise the Stop button on the red status bar at the top of the screen.

Method 3: You can save your WhatsApp status on your iPad or iPhone using WhatsApp Pocket.

WhatsApp Pocket is a desktop programme that can be downloaded for Windows and Mac computers. It also comes with a data recovery tool for WhatsApp. 

To aid in the expansion of their business, they’ve introduced a new feature that allows users to save photographs and videos sent as status updates on Whatsapp. Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to save a status on Whatsapp:

WhatsApp Pocket is simple to download, install, and use on a PC.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer through USB.
  • To begin the scan, select your device and press the Scan button. Before going, wait until the scan is finished.
  • A list of WhatsApp conversations will be provided at the end of the scan. Simply click on any WhatsApp chat to see a preview.
  • This area contains the media assets from your friends’ WhatsApp statuses, such as photographs, photos, and gifs.
  • Click the “Export Attachment” button to save it to your computer.

You were successful, to be sure. You’ve downloaded a friend’s WhatsApp status message.

Last Thoughts

We hope you now know how to make the WhatsApp status video download process for iPhone and Android devices successful and painless. So, give it a shot today and see if your pals can help you attain your favourite status.

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