How to fix ‘no sound’ issues on iPhone 12 speaker?

iPhone speaker suddenly not working? This is a big problem! A small percentage of iPhone 12 and Pro models may experience receiver module failures, leading to no sound during phone calls. These “no-sound” issues were launched by Apple this summer under their special service program for it; however, these problems don’t affect any other iPhones like max or minis which means you’re safe if your device falls into one of those categories.

The iPhone 12 Service Program for No Sound Issues offers a solution to the problem of no sound from your device. This can be due after two years since first retail sale, and if you’re having problems with it now there’s still hope!

iPhones manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021 may be affected by an issue with the display that causes it to flicker. Customers should contact Apple for information about whether their device is covered under its program, but there’s currently no way of knowing without contacting them first!

Customers who are experiencing “no sound” issues can fix them by scheduling an appointment at any Apple Retail store or Authorized Service Provider. Mail-in service also exists for those without access to a computer, but it may take up three weeks before your problem gets handled!

As usual, any issues that might impede the sound repair must be rectified ahead of service, such as a broken screen. Apple makes it clear that the “no sound” service program does not extend the usual warranty for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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