How To Get Creative Bathroom Ideas?

If you are reading this article, it is almost certain that you belong to a well-to-do part of the world that can afford to have a bathroom, or a couple of them, in the house. As to a recent UN report, more than 2.5 billion people across the world lack access to adequate toilets. A staggering figure to remind you how lucky you are to afford a luxury like a basic bathroom. 

Lest you accuse me of digressing from the main topic, I would try to keep this article precise and to the point. 

Unless you are an architect or a man with an in-depth knowledge of interior decor, the three best ways to get creative bathroom ideas are:

  1. Define your limitations, so you can better decide what needs to be ditched. 
  2. Focus on the constituents. A bathroom is only as good as the different parts it is made of.
  3. Search on the internet, there are thousands, if not millions, designs available there to make it easier for you. 

Doesn’t make sense? Let’s discuss all points one by one in detail so you can get a better idea.

Define Your Limitations

I bet most of the people would not have thought about it. The first and foremost thing you need to do if you want to come up with the next best design for your bathroom is to define what you cannot do. Maybe there is no real estate available to accommodate all your dream accessories. Maybe, you don’t have enough budget to afford the bathtub you saw in your friend’s home. 

Defining the ‘can’t’ part makes things easier for you. Once it is realized that you have certain limitations, you can focus on your possibilities. 

Focus On Constituents

A bathroom is a whole of different constituents. If they are not in harmony with each other, what you will get as an end result is a visually displeasing or embarrassingly ridiculous bathroom. And it is out of the question that you can live with it. 

It is a good method to chalk out a design for your bathroom by determining that everything is in complete harmony. The bathtub, the sink, the shower, the toilet seat, the floor tiles, the wall paint so on, and so forth. You can get your creative juice flowing by imagining all constituents in different styles,  placement on the floor, and in different colors.

Search On The Internet

This idea is for the least creative ones, and also for those who are not interested in DIY makeovers. All they want is to scroll through a multitude of designs, to eventually settle for the one that somehow gets them excited. And counterintuitively, they are better than what most people come up with on their own.

There is a reason that the internet is flooded with hundreds of thousands of web pages, each claiming to have the best bathroom design. But the right way to find the best designs is to look for them on websites created solely for it, e.g.

Six Times An Hour
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