How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor

Wondering how to prevent a recliner from sliding on a wood floor? Look no further because I have the perfect solution for you!


The constant slipping of a recliner on hardwood floors isn’t just annoying- it can cause deep scratches and dents on your lovely hardwood floors.

My experience with this problem is too personal – I once had the same problem before I discovered the most effective way to prevent the recliner from sliding on my hardwood floors.

I am referring to the use of furniture grippers with rubber bottoms.

Definitely! Place these anti-slip rubber furniture grippers under your recliner if it slips too easily on your hardwood floors. You can also protect your floor from scratches, dents, and scuffs by keeping the furniture in place.

What you can do to prevent your reclining chair from sliding on a wood floor

So, which furniture grips would you recommend?

There are several types of furniture gripper pads on the market today, but I only intend to recommend the one I have used to secure all my furnishings, including couches, chairs, dressers, and beds.

My personal recommendation is the X-PROTECTOR NON SLIP FURNITURE PADS Furniture Grippers.

Under recliner feet, these furniture grippers are fitted with an anti-slip rubber backing, which grips your wood floors firmly and prevents them from slipping.

A tenacious upper portion ensures that the grippers will stay firmly attached to your recliner feet and that they will not easily come off, even if you slide the recliner across the room.

These non slip furniture grippers are recommended for a number of reasons.

Which are the reasons for my recommendation of X-Protector Non Slip Furniture Grips?

  • The grippers on these furniture items help prevent your recliner from sliding on your hardwood floors
  • As a result of the rubber backing, your beautiful hardwood floors will not be scratched or dented by these recliner feet
  • The gripper pads are secured to your recliner feet by a strong adhesive on the upper part of the pad. They are not easily removable, unlike other type of furniture pads.
  • Installing and removing them is simple
  • These products are appropriate for all types of flooring such as laminate, vinyl, linoleum, marble, tile, concrete, and other hard surfaces
  • This type of adhesive can be used on all kinds of furniture and household items, such as beds, coffee tables, dressers, vases, tables, chairs, plant ports, ottomans, and many others
  • There are no toxic materials in them a reasonable price is charged for them

This furniture gripper pad is of outstanding quality and durable as well, so it should be able to withstand use under your reclining chair. Although nothing lasts forever, you will need to inspect them for wear every few months and replace them as necessary. When the grippers begin to wear down, the grippers will lose their traction and will no longer prevent your recliner from sliding on your hardwood floor.

Another way to prevent a reclining chair from slipping on hardwood floors

Make sure you use non-slip floor protectors with gripper feet

Installing non-skid rubber grippers on the feet of your recliner is another excellent solution to prevent the recliner from sliding on your hardwood floor.

In addition to providing safety for your hardwood floors, these gripper feet floor protectors help prevent the recliner from sliding around while protecting your floors from scratches, dents, and any other damage the chair may cause.

There is no doubt that Slipstick CB380 Recliner Gripper Feet Floor Protectors are some of the most effective and best non slip gripper recliner feet floor protectors available.

They include an additional adapter ring to allow you to fit a wider range of foot sizes with these recliner gripper feet floor protectors. In this category are recliner feet with diameters of 3/8 inches and 1-1/4 inches.

There are grippers available to fit a wide range of recliners from Berkline, Legget, Plat, Wyn Pro, and many more.

When the weight shifts on the recliner or even when the furniture is in motion, these heavy-duty grippers keep it firmly in place.

Furthermore, they do not raise the height of your recliner.

  1. The chair is only raised by about 1/4 inch off the floor.
  2. Install a thick area rug under the recliner on the hardwood floor

There is a higher price tag for this solution, but rest assured it is worth every penny.

By placing an area rug on your hardwood floor, you will protect it against scratches and dents from furniture and extend its life.

As a result, the room becomes warmer and more comfortable.

If your hardwood floors are slippery, it may be necessary to place a thick area rug under the recliner to prevent it from sliding. It is important to note that thin rugs will not be of any benefit to you, which is why I recommend high-pile rugs.

The Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Taupe Area Rug is an excellent example of a high-pile carpet that will hold your recliner in place.

Due to the high pile of this rug, your recliner’s feet will sink into its fibers, restricting your mobility.

Although it is a more expensive option, I highly recommend it.

It should be noted that the rug has a backing that can cause it to slide or slip if not secured by heavy furniture. Therefore, it is recommended that a thick, high-quality rug pad be placed underneath.

There are many rug pads on the market, but the RUGPADUSA – Basics 100% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad is the best and safest rug pad for hardwood floors.

Rug pads without rubber backings will not harm or stain your hardwood floors.

The cushioning is also quite thick, so it creates a bouncy feeling and makes the recliner more comfortable while keeping the feet in place despite heavy movement.

Here is a brief explanation of how to keep a reclining chair from sliding on wood floors

Your recliner should no longer slide on wood floors after learning how to prevent it from sliding. Make use of one of the suggested methods to prevent the annoying sliding and to protect your floors. The X-PROTECTOR NON SLIP FURNITURE PADS Furniture Grippers are without a doubt the most economical yet effective solution for preventing furniture from sliding for years to come.

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