How to Make Stickers on Discord – Quick Guide

On social media platforms, especially the most popular ones like WhatsApp and Telegram, plain text has grown stale. Discord can’t afford to stay behind when it comes to the latest fad, stickers. In light of the foregoing, Discord is gearing up to release a slew of bright, colorful stickers. As a result, we’ve put up the most thorough tutorial on making stickers on Discord.

Making your own stickers on Discord is entertaining, and it allows you to put your imagination to the test. 

What are Discord Stickers, exactly?

Let’s have a look at what Discord stickers are before we get into how to produce them on Discord. Sticker support has been added to Discord’s platform, a popular chat programme. The two varieties of Discord Stickers are animated and static. Please bear in mind that we’re not talking about the Discord emoticons here. To add or utilize stickers, servers must have at least two server boosts. There are only 15 sticker spots available at the start of the game. The second and third levels, respectively, include 30 and 60 sticker spots.

On a Discord server, users with the “Manage emojis and stickers” ability can only add or remove custom stickers. It’s worth noting that you can use stickers on boosted servers even if you don’t have a Discord Nitro membership.

Why should you use Discord stickers?

Texting may be tedious at times, and it doesn’t always explain precisely how we’re feeling. The usage of a sticker gives the discourse a distinct feel. When it comes to real-life communication, for example, a gesture or tone might indicate sass and confidence. If you’re seeking for messengers, a commanding cat wearing sunglasses will suffice. Stickers allow individuals to communicate in a more personal manner. Images help you comprehend and express yourself better as a visual tool. When words are insufficient to describe a complex mood or confusing sentiment, a picture should be supplied.

Stickers are a great way to show your personality. By encapsulating your feelings in a sticker, you may develop your own distinctive communication style. Pictures help make stories about your vacation or a funny thing that happened on the way home more exciting and personal by making them more unique.

Step-by-step instructions on how to design personalized stickers on Discord.

Making stickers on Discord is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Two of the most widely used animated file formats are APNG and Lottie (Partnered and Verified servers).
  • The static file format is PNG.
  • The file size limit is 512 kilobytes.
  • Dimensions: 320px 320px
  • The backdrop is made of translucent material (optional).
  • Unicode Emoji that match should be included in sticker recommendations.
  • The introduction of descriptive language will aid screen reader users.

We recommend getting your stickers produced at the Kapwing Studio because of the high standards for Discord stickers. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Use the 320×320 transparent Discord sticker template to get the exact size and file type you need for your own Discord stickers. You can start with an image that you already have on your smartphone or that you found online. You may simply start from the beginning and use a blank canvas.
  2. Now is the moment to make any changes that are required. You may add text with a custom font, color, outline, style, and drop shadow using Kapwing’s image search and stock picture plugins. You may also remove any area of a photo, crop, resize, rotate, and add visual filters to any image. After you’ve finished designing your sticker, select Export and Download to save it to your computer. And this is where it will very certainly fit under the 500KB restriction.
  3. Open Discord in your browser or on your desktop with the Discord desktop app. You can’t use the Discord mobile app to upload stickers right now. As a result, you’ll have to open Discord in your browser. By connecting to a Level 1 server that supports emojis, you may add emojis to your server settings. Stickers are located directly below Emoji in this area, and you may upload a sticker from this location.
  4. Open Discord in your browser or use the Discord desktop client on your desktop. Right now, you can’t use the Discord mobile app to upload stickers. As a result, you’ll have to use your browser to access Discord. You may add emojis to your server settings by connecting to a Level 1 server that supports them. In this area, stickers are accessible right underneath Emoji, and you may submit a sticker from there.
  5. It’s critical to double-check everything, especially the file you choose, because it can’t be altered after your sticker is printed. When you click the Upload button, your sticker is now accessible for use by any user of the Discord server!

Wrapping up

You may now make and send stickers within Discord using the outlined steps. The Discord team has made about 300 unique stickers for the Nitro subscription that can be used anywhere in the Discord app. If you don’t want to make your own custom-designed stickers, the Nitro subscription gives you access to these stickers. By joining different Discord servers that allow you to use their stickers, your sticker library will grow with each new sticker you find and like.

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