How to Mark All Emails as Read on iPhone

You can manage all of your email accounts through your iPhone. Your phone is capable of receiving both personal and business emails, and you are able to reply to each at a different email address. 

It is not necessary to open each spam email to mark it as read if you receive a large number of them. Upon reaching this point, you will need to resolve the issue of “how can I mark all e-mails as marked for my iPhone?“.

In iOS 7, the Mail application on iPhones running the operating system 7 allows users to mark all emails as read, which is an important improvement over previous versions.

Steps on how to read all e-mails on your iPhone

Blue dots are appearing next to newly received emails in the mail box that have not yet been read. In the Mail app, the number of unread emails can be seen. As soon as an email is opened, iOS recognizes it as read. When the blue dot disappears, the number in the Mail app icon drops.

Follow the steps below to get rid of the blue dot without having to read the email:

  • The blue “Read” button in an email in your inbox can be accessed by left-to-right-swiping across the message.
  • To mark the notification as read, tap the “Mark as Read” button. You can also slide the notification into the middle of the screen.
  • When you let go of the line or tap the button, the blue dot disappears and the message is displayed.

How to mark multiple e-mails as read on your iPhone

To mark several messages as read at once:

  1. Open the email app and go to the inbox.
  2. When a checkbox appears next to a message, it has been marked as read. Select the e-mails you wish to mark as read by tapping them one by one.
  3. Choose “Mark.”
  4. Click “Mark as Read”.

mark all emails as read iphone

 The blue circles that used to mark chosen emails have been removed.

Marking email as read with IMAP

You may occasionally see a message marked as read on your iPhone without having opened it. If your email accounts utilize the IMAP protocol (Google does), any email you read or mark as read in the desktop or web-based email program will appear on your iPhone.With IMAP, all devices that use the accounts in question are synchronized with messages and message statuses.

How to mark unread iPhone emails

To remind yourself that you need to return to an email at a later time, you can choose to mark it as unread after reading it.

  • Visit your inbox.
  • Tap the Unread button once you select an email to mark it as unread.
  • Simply tap Mark, and then tap Mark as Unread.
  • A blue dot appears after each message that indicates the message has not been read.
  • The Unread icon is located at the top or bottom of every email. You can either swipe across the emails and tap the icon or slide all the way across, just like when you mark a message as read.

How do I flag emails on my iPhone?

  • You can also flag messages within the Mail app with an orange dot. When you flag an email, it serves as a reminder that it’s important or that you need to act on it. The process of flagging (or unflagging) a message is similar to that of marking it.The Mail app must be opened and the folder containing the message should be selected.
  • To mark an email as a flag, tap Edit followed by selecting the email.
  • Select Mark, then Flag.
  • When you view these messages, they have orange dots next to them.
  • Unread messages appear in an orange ring around “flagged” blue dots when marked “flagged.” An orange ring appears around the unread blue dots.

You can use the steps in previous sections in order to Flag multiple messages at once. Swiping right and left will also flag an email.

Tap the Mailboxes button in the upper-left corner to view your marked emails. Then tap “Flagged” to return to your list of email inboxes.

Extra Email Selection and Marking Tips for the iPhone

As long as your iPhone runs iOS 7, you can use these methods with any model, including iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5. If you have an iPad, you can use them to read every email, mark multiple emails as read, etc.

Search and mark emails from a specific sender or bulk emails that contain specified keywords using the iOS Mail app. As an example, you can search for and mark emails from a specific sender or bulk emails that contain specified keywords on your iPhone.

Wrapping Up

By using these methods, you can mark all your iPhone’s emails as Read efficiently. We think that you will find that your iPhone communication experience has been significantly improved. Please let us know whether it was useful to you in the comments below.


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