How to Move a Fridge Without Scratching the Floor?

How can I move a refrigerator around the house without damaging the floor?

The very same thing occurred to me when I moved into a brand-new home that had a gorgeous hardwood floor throughout the entire first level.

The refrigerator is one of the largest and heaviest pieces of furniture and equipment in the home.

If you move it across your hardwood floor, you run the danger of scratching the floor, injuring your back, and possibly even destroying the unit itself.

The good news is that you’ll be able to relocate your refrigerator without risking any harm to your hardwood floor if you follow these safety precautions.

The SuperSliders 4703395N Reusable Felt Furniture Movers for Hardwood Floors are in my opinion the greatest furniture sliders for hardwood floors. I highly suggest them.

When I rearrange the furniture in my kitchen or living room, I always utilize these furniture sliders, and I can honestly tell that my hardwood floors have not sustained single damage as a result.

The fact that these sliders make it so easy to transfer furniture across the floors is an additional positive aspect.

When moving your refrigerator or any other large item, you might want to think about making use of these furniture sliders. I’m going to explain why you might want to do so in the following paragraphs.

Instructions on How to Move a Refrigerator Without Damaging the Floor

Why do I recommend the reusable felt SuperSliders 4703395N furniture movers for hardwood floors?

  • During the moving process, they shield your hardwood floors from damage such as scratches, dents, and marring.
  • They make it quite simple to move your refrigerator across hardwood floors by allowing it to glide effortlessly across the surface of the floor as you do so.
  • Because of the resilient rubber foam design, they have a strong grip under your refrigerator and the legs of your furniture, ensuring that they won’t continue falling off.
  • They also make it very simple to transport large furniture and appliances, such as refrigerators and other pieces of furniture and appliances. These include couches, mattresses, washing machines, refrigerators, dressers, recliners, and tables, in addition to a wide variety of other heavy things.
  • They are an excellent choice for use on floors with virtually any kind of hard surface, including linoleum, bamboo, laminate, and other types.
  • After moving your refrigerator, you have the option of either removing them or leaving them in place to be cleaned or moved at a later time. Your hardwood floors will be protected from dings and scratches by them till then.
  • Because they are reusable, you may recycle them and use them again and again.
  • They are quite long-lasting, and even after only a few usages, they will not show signs of wear and tear.
  • Never again will rearranging or cleaning the space under your appliances or furniture feel like an overwhelming chore.
  • They are very inexpensive and within one’s financial means.
  • They are pretty thick, and as a result, they offer a protective cushion between the appliance or furniture you have and the hardwood floor.
  • They are available in both round and square forms.

Please take note that the SuperSliders 4724095N Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Movers for Carpet are my top recommendation for you to purchase if you are looking for the very best sliders to use when moving your refrigerator over your carpet.

What Features of These Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors You Might Not Find Appealing?

To tell you the truth, using these furniture sliders made a significant amount of things easier.

I was able to transfer my large refrigerator and freezer into my kitchen without leaving even the slightest mark on the hardwood floors.

Because the manufacturer recommended that you leave them in place to protect your floors, I did not move them.

In addition to this, I adore the fact that they are ridiculously inexpensive.

Because I am always rearranging my home furnishings and appliances for cleaning purposes, I purchased as many as I could afford.

You are going to adore them without a doubt as well!

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What is the price range for these furniture sliders, and where can I purchase them?

This particular box comprises 4 reusable furniture sliders.

These sliders are definitely worth the money because their pricing is pretty affordable and, considering how durable they are, they are an excellent investment.

I strongly suggest looking for them on Amazon because you can save a lot of money by doing so.

To View the Most Recent Pricing Information on Amazon,

Please Click Here.

Questions and Answers Regarding the Safest Way to Move a Refrigerator Without Damaging the Floor

What is the Thickness of Each of These Furniture Sliders?

These sliders have a substantial thickness to them.

The thickness of the felt sliders is.15 inches, but the thickness of the foam sliders are.29 inches.

Are you concerned that these Furniture Sliders can leave marks on your Hardwood Floors?


Your hardwood floors will not become discolored if you use these furniture sliders.

They pose no health risks and won’t change the color of your wood flooring in any way.

What is the mechanism behind these furniture sliders?

The majority of the time, these furniture sliders will produce firm padding between your refrigerator and the hardwood floor.

They are engineered to move smoothly on a variety of floor surfaces, including hardwood floors.

When you position these slides so that they are underneath your refrigerator, they move quite easily across your floors.

They can move your large refrigerator simply while preventing harm to your floor thanks to the method that they use.

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Does a Hardwood Floor Easily Show Scratch?

Your solid hardwood floor is quite vulnerable to scuffs and scratches, particularly if you have animals in the house or if you drag heavy furniture or appliances across it.

You must employ furniture gliders, such as the SuperSliders 4703395N Reusable Felt Furniture Movers for Hardwood Floors, because of this reason.

They will serve as a protective shield for your hardwood floors, preventing damage such as scratches and dents.

If you own dogs, it is important to prevent scratches on your hardwood floor by having the animals wear dog boots or nail caps.

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What Methods Can Be Used to Prevent Scratches on Hardwood Floors?

When moving heavy furniture and appliances over hardwood floors, utilizing furniture sliders is one of the greatest ways to keep the flooring from being scratched. Other alternatives include using floor protectors and using coasters.

You should acquire some booties or nail caps for your dog if it has a habit of scratching the floors, as this can cause serious damage.

The installation and maintenance of a hardwood floor may be quite pricey, particularly if the floor has scratches on it.

Always avoiding a problem is preferable to having to treat it.

What Are Some Tips for Moving a Refrigerator Without Damaging the Floor?- Bottom Line

You must utilize furniture sliders to protect your hardwood floors from potential damage, regardless of whether you are moving your refrigerator in preparation for a move or as part of spring cleaning.

The use of these sliders makes moving this large appliance swiftly, effectively, and without any difficulty.

It is my sincere hope that you are now aware of how to move a refrigerator without damaging the floor.

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