How to Mute Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer

Zoom meetings and video calls have become commonplace in our lives. Every day, the majority of us attend Zoom meetings. Zoom is used for business meetings, online seminars, and a variety of other activities. One of the nicest features of virtual meetings is that you may just join the meeting and go about your business without anybody noticing. We want to provide you with some helpful hints in this post. We’ll talk about how to turn off zoom audio without turning off the computer.

How to mute Zoom audio without muting Windows PC

If you’re using Windows, you may use the audio mixer to lower or mute the zoom volume. You may use the Windows audio mixer to adjust the volume of each programme independently. To do so, open the volume mixer and toggle the volume down for the zoom application solely.

1.On a PC running Windows. Right-click on the volume icon in the bottom right corner to bring up a menu of options (near the date)

2.Select “Open Volume Mixer” from the menu.

3.In the volume mixer, choose “Zoom meetings” and turn down or mute the sound. (Do not lower the zoom meeting volume.) Your zoom meeting volume is now muted, but other programmes will use the PC volume.

How to mute Zoom audio without muting – Mac

On a Mac or MacBook, you don’t have the option of using an audio mixer. Go to zoom settings and modify the volume if you only want to turn down or mute the sound for the zoom app.

1. While in the Zoom conference, click on the Zoom meeting controls for audio (the little up arrow near the mic button)

2.From the drop-down menu, choose Audio Settings.

3.Reduce the volume of the “Speaker

How to mute Zoom audio from Zoom meeting controls without muting computer

Zoom meetings have a feature that allows you to leave PC audio on while in the meeting. In a zoom call, both your mic and speaker will stop working if you turn off computer audio. You may entirely silence your zoom call with this option.

1.Click the Zoom conference controls for audio in the Zoom meeting.

2.From the drop-down option, choose “Leave computer audio.”

This will, as previously said, fully disconnect your PC audio from the Zoom conference. As a result, the gathering will be silent. You can’t crank down the audio with this option, but the zoom meeting will be fully muted.


Can you listen to music while on Zoom?

While in a zoom meeting, you may listen to music or watch another movie on your computer if you’re using a Windows PC. However, if you do not mute or turn down your zoom call, both your zoom meeting and the external audio will be heard at the same volume. If you’re listening to another form of audio on your computer, you’ll need to dial down the level for your zoom conference.

Can I mute Zoom audio while watching YouTube?

While watching YouTube on your PC, you may mute or dial down the volume of your zoom meeting. Turn down the volume of your Zoom conference using one of the ways discussed above, and you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos without being disturbed.

Can the host or others see if I mute zoom meeting?

The host or attendees will not be aware that you have muted the meeting if you use computer settings or zoom audio settings to silence it. However, if you turn off computer audio from the zoom options, the mic symbol in your thumbnail will vanish, indicating to the host and other participants that you have not attended the meeting with audio.

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