How to Prevent Razor Burn with an Electric Shaver

Shaving using an electric shaver has continued to be popular. As a matter of fact, there is barely anyone who is willing to use manual methods of shaving. Almost every man you ask will tell you that using an electric shaving machine is the best way to shave or trim off protruding beards and mustache. But, electric razors have a single disadvantage. In some cases, they can cause burns. Today, about 90% of the men who rely on electric shavers have experienced skin burns at one time or another. In some cases, the situation is worse if the skin is extra sensitive. Therefore, you must know how to avoid electric razor burns before you can resort to the use of an electric razor for shaving your hair. The following reliable tips can prove to be useful if you want to use an electric shaver and also know how to prevent razor burn.

The use of a razor that is clean

Using a razor that is clean can help you to prevent skin burns during and after you have finished shaving. Although most people do not know how to prevent razor burn using this method, it is actually one of the major reasons why skin burns and rushes emerge. Old blades that are not clean enough often capture tiny particles of skin and a bit of blood. Eventually, this may become breeding grounds for a number of pathogens including germs. Such pathogens may cause skin rashes and a burning sensation of the skin. You have to clean your old blades and apply an effective disinfectant prior to using the blades and immediately after use.

Use of skin lubricants that are reliable

Even if you have a very sharp and smooth razor, you cannot expect it to achieve a smooth shave if you have not lubricated the surface of the skin properly. For this reason, always try your best to use reliable shaving cream to maintain the skin moisture during and after aftershave. The use of warm water also helps to soothe the skin during shaving.

Smooth or gentle shaving at all times

Do not apply the razor against your skin in a very forceful manner. Technically, trying your best to be as gentle as possible is how to prevent razor burn using this method. Do not press the razor too hard against the skin. You will be amazed by how smooth your shave will turn out to be.

Avoid shaving against the direction of hair

Usually, shaving against the direction of the hair can result in skin burns and rashes. But, you can avoid such by simply following the direction of growth of your beards and mustache during shaving.

Use of a single razor blade

Recent research has revealed that the use of multiple razors is not how to prevent razor burn. Rather, has somewhat contributed to the rise in the number of cases of skin burns and rashes. Using several blades simply means increasing the chances of having parts of your skin scrapped.

Apply skin ointments after shaving is complete

The use of aftershave ointments is how to prevent razor burn easily. They can make the skin smooth and soothe it up thereby relieving you of any burns or rashes.

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