How to Reduce Skin Irritation When Using Rotary Shaver: 6 Working Notes

Rotary electric shavers have been a great invention but in reality, they are not as much in practice as they should have been. Rotary electric shavers are quick, easy and effective to use. But these shavers can cause skin irritation, razor burns, redness, and rashes.

Here are some of the tips and tricks for avoiding and reducing skin irritation while using rotary shavers.

1. Know Your Skin type and choose the right shaver

Every face has its own sensitive areas and once you start using electric shavers, you will realize which those areas are. Rotary shavers can cause skin irritation and that’s why you should be careful while shaving. Also, you should choose a shaver that best suits your needs. Talk to your barber in order to understand your hair growth and the lineament of your face.

2. Cleanse Your Face

Before you shave, it is essential to soften your beard so that it becomes easier to shave properly. You can use warm cloth or take a shower or simply wash your face with warm water.

3. Use Pre-Shave Products

Make sure that you use pre-shave products that can help to remove all the dirt from your skin. Vitamin E is now present in most pre-shave products; it helps to protect your skin and reduce skin irritation. Pre-shave products include pre-shave oils and optimizers. The effectiveness of the rotary shaver can be improved if you take proper care of your skin before shaving.

4. Use the proper technique

Every shaver utilizes a distinct way to remove facial hair. In the case of a rotary shaver, you are not required to push the shaver. Be gentle to your skin. If you feel that your hair is not getting removed properly then you might need to upgrade to a different model. When using a rotary shaver, move in circular motions and do not press too hard. If you use these proper techniques, you can surely avoid skin irritation and other problems.

5. Taking care of the blades

In order to avoid skin irritation and other skin related problems, you should replace the blades of your rotary shaver once a year. When you buy a shaver, do not discard the manual. Keep it handy for any sort of assistance, such as how to change the blades.

6. Hygiene and After-shave Care

It is very important to maintain proper hygiene if you want to avoid any sort of skin related issues. If you have thick hair, it is easier for the scrap to grow. That’s why it should be cleaned after every use. Rotary shavers are usually cleaned by raising up the head of the razor and cleaning the lower side of the three discs and the chamber. Applying an aftershave product may seem like a tiny step but it is extremely essential as well as useful. Shaving dries out your face and you may experience skin irritation due to this reason. The aftershave products can help in medicating and moisturizing the skin.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can surely avoid a number of skin problems related to shaving.

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