How To Reset MPOW Bluetooth Headphones?

How To Reset MPOW Bluetooth Headphones?

Headphones prove to be your best gym companion, no one can deny this fact. When it comes to the best headphone hunt, you often come across a lot of options available in the market. But it’s the right choice that makes you stand out among the crowd and makes your life easier. 

Most people recommend Bluetooth headphones as their regular day pal because wired earphones often get tangled and keep messing with your activity. The best option that we have found are the MPOW Bluetooth earphones, and that’s the perfect fit that we recommend for you. 

MPOW is a brand that offers a huge variety of earbuds, headphones, and Bluetooth wireless speaker models. All of them are quite reliable in terms of quality and functioning. 

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The Bluetooth pairing system is similar for all the variety of earbuds MPOW offers. In case you are facing any kind of difficulty in connecting MPOW Bluetooth with the device, the best way to get rid of this query is to simply reset the Bluetooth connection.

The connectivity of wireless headphones to Bluetooth fails because of various reasons, like the unsuccessful pairing, proximity issues, any potential source interfering with the connection or inability to access the device. Whatever the reason may be, all you need to do is to reset it.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Reset MPOW Bluetooth Earphones

The procedure of resetting the MPOW Bluetooth headphones is not rocket science, but many people often face difficulty doing so. MPOW headphones can pair with two devices at a time. Therefore, we’ve brought a step-by-step guide for you that will solve your queries, hopefully. This procedure will work for all the models including  MPOW Flame, MPOW Cheetah,  MPOW D7 MPOW H5 MPOW R3,  MPOW Bass,  MPOW 059, etc.

  • Turn off the Bluetooth device first by pressing the power button. 
  • Hold down the power button for at least five to ten seconds.
  • Then release the power button.
  • The LED light will either blink or illuminate steadily to confirm reset.
  • Now turn it on again.
  • Then open the settings on your desired device, pair, and connect with Mpow Bluetooth earphones.
  • Your earbuds should be paired with your device or cellphone if the reset procedure is successful.
  • If the pairing is still unsuccessful, try to troubleshoot your Bluetooth connection.

How To Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Connection?

If you’re still facing problems pairing your device with Bluetooth even after reset, try troubleshooting the Bluetooth by either removing the paired device list from your phone and re-pairing your Bluetooth with the device, or by long-pressing the multi-function power button until the LED starts flashing red and blue. Hope this helps!

Final Words

MPOW Bluetooth earphones must be your go-to headphones if you are willing to have a good mate while exercising or even when you’re looking for a classy yet perfect fit for your official hours, because they are an amazing addition to your wardrobe as they are well designed as well as extremely comfy to wear, for the sake of your ease!

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