How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone Using Google and Apps

A reverse image search is one of the things Google offers that makes finding pictures easy. You can do a reverse image search by searching for an image of an object instead of just for words and phrases. 

Taking a picture of a flower in your garden and doing a reverse image search can help identify it if you don’t know its name. Android and iOS users can utilize this feature. Here’s how you use Google and apps to reverse image search on an iPhone.

How to use browsers to reverse image search on iPhones:

With the web browsers you have on your iPhone, you can do reverse image searches. You’ll use Safari when you’ve got an iPhone or iPad. Other than that, you can install Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers through the apps store. 

You can reverse image search using one of these browsers. You can only use images from websites when using a browser to search for images. If you want to do an image search, we recommend using Google Chrome.

  1. Go to your browser.
  2. Visit the website where the image is located.
  3. Hold down the image.
  4. Simply click on “Google Lens Search” or “Google for this image”.

Similar things can be done with Google search results.

  1. You can search by entering a search phrase.
  2. View the image search results by clicking the images tab.
  3. Click on the lens icon in the top right corner of the image you wish to reverse image search.

Search results will give you images visually similar to the one you are searching for, as well as a description of the object. In reverse image search, for example, you can use an image of a car to discover what model of car you are looking at.

You can search directly for images on by going to that site. Google searches for matching images based on a search phrase entered on the search tab.

How to reverse an image search using images saved on a device

You will need to use the Google lens feature on your iPhone if you intend to search using an image stored on your device. It is a feature of the Google app that comes with a number of capabilities.

 It is not limited to reverse image searches but can also be used for document scanning, text extraction, transcribing text from one language to another, and more. When we do a reverse image search on the iPhone, we can upload an image to the Google lens and receive search results.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Google app. There is a google logo in this app.
  2. The google search bar has a camera icon, which opens Google Lens. Click it.
  3. You can now either take a photo or upload an existing image to search. You can take a picture by pointing the camera at the object and then tapping the Lens icon. You can also click the photo icon to open the gallery.
  4. You can search for a specific object or area within a photo by selecting the Lens icon on the bottom right.
  5. Results will appear under the image.

How to Reverse Image Search on iPhone Using Google and Apps

The image can also be used to specify what type of results you are looking for. When you tap on the icon on the bottom left, you can select options such as “Places”, “Shopping” etc. In these cases, Google will show related results from those areas.

How to reverse image search on iPhone with other apps and websites

A reverse image search on an iPhone can be performed using several apps, other than web browsers and Google apps. It is possible to download these applications from the app store and some of them have additional features. Some of the websites also provide the ability to search for images. Let us examine a few of these applications and websites.

Almost 50 billion images are searched on Tineye to find results. You just have to go to the Tineye website and click the upload button. You can also put the image’s URL in if it’s on the internet.

App to reverse images

The reverse image search app is available in the App Store for iPhones. The app is free and gives you a ton of search options, like searching by files, image URLs, clipboard images, etc. The app also keeps a search history so you can go back and look at your previous searches.


You can also download The Reversse for free on your iPhone. Searching for images using this app offers you the option of selecting multiple search engines to get results.

 As a result of this application, you will be shown all the results from your selected search engines, giving you the opportunity to search across several platforms at once.

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