How to Screen Record on an iPhone

Screenshots and screen recordings are excellent methods for capturing material immediately on the phone. iOS 11 and subsequent versions of the iPhone include a screen recording feature. Let’s look at how to screen record on an iPhone today.

How to record your iPhone’s screen using the built-in screen recorder

The iPhone’s Control Center serves as a fast access menu. Swiping down from the top of the screen will bring you to the control center (swiping up the screen in older versions). The control center provides rapid access to a number of programmes and settings. 

You may start recording from the control center by adding a screen recording option. Here’s how to accomplish it in just a few simple steps.

Step 1:Select Settings from the drop-down menu..

Step 2: Select “Control Center” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select “Customize controls” from the drop-down menu.

You’ve arrived at the “Customize” menu. On the top, you’ll see a list of options/apps that are already installed in your control center. You’ll see a list of Apps that you may add to the control center at the bottom.

Step 4: To add the “Screen recording” app to the control center, locate it and click the Plus symbol in front of it.

The option to record your screen has now been added to your control center. The screen recording icon will appear when you access the control center. To begin recording your iPhone screen, follow the instructions below.

Step 5: Go to the control center and open it.

Step 6: Select the screen capture icon.

Before the screen recording begins, you will be given a three-second countdown.

The recording timer appears in the top left corner of the screen after the recording has begun.

Step 7. To stop the recording, go back to the control center and click the recording button. You’ll get a message that the recording has finished and saved to your camera roll.

Screen recording options

There aren’t many choices with the basic iPhone screen recorder. By touching and holding the screen record symbol on the fast access menu, you may reach the settings menu for screen recording. It will bring up the choices for screen recording.

Turn on your iPhone’s mic: You may use your iPhone’s mic while recording the screen. When you select this option, the screen record will capture all noises in your area. This is an excellent method for producing demonstration videos.

How can I record movies from my iPhone’s screen?

The recorded movies are accessible by default through the camera roll app. The recorded videos are immediately stored to the camera roll, where you may view them.

How to record a screen on an iPhone with noises using a third-party programme

If you don’t like the default screen recorder, you may record movies using another app from the app store. There are several screen recording programmes available, each with its own set of features and settings. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular applications now accessible.

Record it!

Record is a popular iPhone software that is used by a large number of people. This recorder includes a video editor that allows you to modify your screen recording videos. You may also choose the video quality for the screen recordings. 

The coolest feature of this recorder, though, is that you can use it to open the iPhone’s front camera and record your face while recording the screen. This feature is exclusive to this recorder.

Captured by Techsmith

Because of its simple interface and high-quality video, this recorder is fantastic. This programme allows you to simply record and share videos.

Using a screen recorder, you may create a live broadcast.

Another popular recorder programme is Screen Recorder Live Stream. This software is compatible with all Apple devices. It works on the iMac, iPhone, and iPad. The main feature of this programme is that it allows you to live broadcast your screen recording in real time. 

This software works with streaming services including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. This would be the perfect programme to use if you were an internet streamer. This programme allows you to simultaneously stream the video on various platforms.

DU recorder

Because of its collection of editing features, DU recorder is a unique recording programme. All of the videos may be recorded and edited within the app. Filters, trimmer, and speed control are among the video editing options included in the DU recorder. As a result, you won’t have to worry about using another programme to edit the video.

Screen Recorder +

Another unique video recorder tool is Screen Recorder, which allows you to capture screen films in 2K and 4K formats. There’s also a built-in video editor in this programme.

Reaction cam

More of a face recorder than a screen recorder, the reaction cam is more of a face recorder. However, recording your reaction to the situation on your phone is a terrific idea. You may use the response cam app to go to YouTube and film a reaction video to a video there.

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