How To Show Weather On I-Phone Lock Screen

You can add a Weather Widget to the Lock Screen of the iPhone in addition to the standard Widget on the Home Screen within Notification Center. Following the completion of these steps, your iPhone will start providing daily Weather Alerts, right on the Lock Screen.

You will automatically see the weather for your current location when you launch the Weather app.

You can see the hourly forecast in the top section by swiping across it. See the forecast for today and the next nine days by swiping down the screen.

Setting the iPhone’s lock screen to show the weather is as follows:

The purpose of your article is to tell you that it is possible to put weather on the lock screen of your iPhone, as long as you use a special feature for the purpose:

the “Don’t bother” mode of iOS. You may not be familiar with it, but it is a feature designed specifically to ensure that the user does not receive any notifications or calls during the night, as well as to prevent the screen from lighting up when receiving a call.

Is there a connection between this and the weather on the lock screen? Please allow me to explain. When you exit the Sleep mode on the iOS lock screen, you will be able to view the current weather information.

During the awakening phase of the iPhone, the user could be shown the weather data related to their current location. Of course, this does not equate to having weather data available constantly, but it is always better than nothing.

In any case, you must enable location services for the weather app to have accurate information displayed on the iPhone lock screen.

The process is very straightforward: open the iOS adjustments app by tapping the icon in the form of gear on the home screen, then tap on

Place the checkmark next to Privacy> Location> Weather, and then play the last option.

Return to the main menu adjustments and select the option Do not bother. To activate the scheduled sleep mode, follow the instructions below.

Turn ON the levers for Sleep mode and indicate the period of “silence” beginning and ending time.

In addition, you can specify whether you wish to have silent mode set always or alone when the iPhone is locked, indicate whether you wish to allow or not accept calls from your favorite contacts, and if you desire, you may activate the Repeated Calls feature to have the phone ring twice within three minutes if the same person calls twice.

We have reached our destination! The lock screen of your iPhone will be updated with the weather conditions of the day as soon as you come out of sleep mode following the completion of the setup process.

A method to make your iPhone lock screen display a weather forecast upon waking

If you would like to awaken to the weather forecast in your area, you can customize your phone so that it displays the current weather as the “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” screen, depending on your sleep schedule.

This feature is available within the Bedtime feature of iOS 12 devices. You can set your sleep schedule within the Clock application.

To set up an iOS 14 device, you need to follow a slightly different procedure. In place of the clock application, Apple replaced the Bedtime feature with a Sleep Mode feature in the Health application.

Here are the steps to setting your Good Morning forecast screen in iOS 14:

To begin, open the Health app and tap the Browse tab in the lower-right corner.

The second step is to tap the Sleep button

The third step is to tap Full Schedule & Options if the app does not prompt you to create a schedule.

The fourth step is to activate the toggle next to Sleep Schedule (green).

Set your first schedule by tapping Set Your First Schedule.

Step 7: Select your bedtime and waking time, as well as the days you would like the schedule to be active, and then tap Add.

Scroll down and tap the Options button.

Under Sleep Mode, select the toggle next to Turn On Automatically to enable this feature (green).

He wakes up to a cloudy sky

All that remains is for you to get a good night’s sleep and wait until the morning. The weather forecast for the city in which you reside will be displayed upon the expiration of the period defined in Do not disturb. The forecasts displayed seem to be accurate after several attempts. Upon opening the weather app, you will be able to view additional details such as humidity, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure.

The widget on your mobile lock screen will automatically disappear once your iPhone is unlocked. Unfortunately, the iOs system does not allow the user to set an interval for the display of this superb widget. Apple will hopefully rectify this problem quickly.

If you do not see the Good Morning screen

If your Good Morning forecast does not appear on your screen after completing the steps for setting your sleep schedule, you may need to customize your Do Not Disturb settings.

On the iPhone lock screen, you can receive weather alerts

You may not only add a Weather Widget to the Home Screen of the iPhone via notification center, but you may also add a Weather Widget to the Lock Screen using Do Not Disturb Mode. Weather Widgets appear on Lock Screens only when iPhone is locked and a period of Do Not Disturb Mode has ended.

Consequently, the prerequisites to enable Weather Alerts on the Lock Screen of iPhones are to enable Do Not Disturb mode and to permit the Weather App to determine your location and enable notifications. As soon as these requirements are met, your iPhone will start providing daily weather updates on your Lock Screen.


You can find the schedule or automation option under Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb.

The second step consists of enabling location services in the weather app

If you have not already done so, please ensure that Weather App has access to your location data by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.


Tap on the 3-line icon in the backside menu of the Weather App on your iPhone. If you see “Allow Notification” immediately, select the Allow option or tap on Continue to grant notification permissions to Weather App.

Following this, you should make sure that Weather Alert appears on your machine’s Lock Screen each morning. As soon as you unlock your computer, the Weather Widget will disappear, and it will reappear the following day at the same time.

In this way, you can receive Daily Weather Alerts on your computer without having to unlock it and open the Notification center.

If the iPhone is picked up while it is in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, what happens?

If you decide to wake up your iPhone while in the scheduled “Do Not Disturb” mode, you will see a message stating, “DO NOT DISTURB ON.”.

As soon as the “Do Not Disturb” interval ends, you can find the iPhone locking screen displaying the current weather conditions.

The Weather widget is a basic feature most customers require as soon as they awake in the morning. As a result, you can display the Weather widget on your iPhone’s Lock Screen at any time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -:

Can the iPhone lock screen display weather information?

An additional weather widget can be added to the iPhone’s Lock Screen using Do Not Disturb Mode in addition to the regular Home Screen Weather Widget in Notification Center.

The Weather Alerts will start appearing on your iPhone’s Lock Screen once these requirements have been met.

To view the weather on an iPhone, how do you do so?

When you open the Weather application, you will automatically be shown the weather for the current location. You can see the 12-hour forecast by swiping across the top of the screen. The current forecast and forecast for the next nine days can be viewed by swiping down the screen.

What is the location of the Apple Weather application?

Answer – Launch the Weather app. This app is already installed on your iPhone. Next, select the map icon at the bottom-left corner of the application. Now, tap the three squares stacked above one another in the upper right corner.

Is there a weather application on the iPhone?

If you would like to check the weather in your current location or another location, use the Weather app. We provide hourly and 10-day forecasts, information on severe weather, weather maps, and notifications about precipitation.

What happened to my phone’s weather?

You can access the weather in the upper left-hand corner of the screen by using Google’s mobile app. If you click on the ellipsis “add to home screen,” the application will always be accessible to you.

What is the best way to display the current weather on my home screen?

Please open the Google application on your mobile device. From the Weather widget, tap the weather icon in the upper-left corner. If you type “weather” into the Google search box, you can obtain a weather summary by selecting the link.

Access the weather instantly from your home screen by selecting the Add option in the box at the top of the screen.

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