How to Start a Lawn Mower that Has Been Sitting

Are you worried that your lawnmower won’t start after the long winter break? Do you want to save yourself from all that trouble? If yes, then this article is exactly for you. In this article, I’ll guide on you how to start a lawnmower that has been sitting.

Note: the steps mentioned in the guide ahead can be applied to any kind of mower. However, make sure to know all the specifications and safety precautions of your mower before starting to experiment with it.

How To Start A Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting

Check the Oil and Change If Required

Bad oil might not be the main reason for your mower’s inactiveness, but it can be a major contributor. If your oil has turned black or has residue, change it right away. If it’s in the right form, then make sure it is sufficient enough. Since mowers have small engines, they do not require a lot of fuel. So an oil change won’t cost you much.

Give Your Gas Tank a Glance

Check your gas tank to ensure you have enough of it. It the gas has been in your mower for more than thirty days it is better to change it before reusing the machine. If you haven’t come across TruFuel, then I’d recommend you give it a try. It is ethanol-free gasoline, which can sit in your mower for a long time.

Check the Air Filter

A clogged air filter disturbs the airflow to the engine, which affects combustion. So check your air filter and instead of cleaning it, replace it with a new one that you can easily get for around $10. That’s because air filters can be perforated during cleaning, creating ways for larger dust particles into the engine.

Replace the Spark Plug

Use your user manual to find the spark plug though it is usually at the front of the mower. Check the condition of the wire attached to it along with the connection. You may also want to check the plug itself. Use a socket wrench to disconnect the plug. Look for the signs of corrosion or any form of discoloration. If you find any, clean it off the plug and reconnect it to the mower. If the lawnmower won’t start after that, you’ll need to replace the plug.

Is the Brake Cable Tightened?

To check the brake, pull the brake cable right after trying to start with the brake handle alone. If your mower starts by pulling the cable, it means the break has to be tightened.

Check the Carburetor

The carburetor can corrode or clog with fuel residue. In any such case, you’ll need to clean or replace it. You can use a carburetor cleaner or vinegar to clean it on your own. For replacement, you can visit online stores or a nearby garden equipment shop to get a new one.

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Wrap Up

There are several factors that prevent your lawnmower from starting after a long break. The good thing is that you can access and troubleshoot them. Plus, the troubleshooting methods are easy and inexpensive too. At least you won’t have to pay for a whole new mower.

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