How To Stop A Lawn Mower From Smoking

Lawnmower smoking is not a good sign, leaving it on its own –an even worse decision. So what should you do? How to stop a lawnmower from smoking? Well, to fix an issue, you first have to understand its cause. So let’s move you through the possible reasons for lawn mower smoking and their solutions.

Lawn Mower’s Smoking Possible Causes and Solutions 

The first thing you need to do, after noticing smoke, is to identify its color. Lawnmower smoke is either blue, white, or black. Here is what each smoke color means and how you can fix it.

Black Smoke

Black smoke highlights the issue in the fuel system and filter. The carburetor mixes the air with fuel in a certain amount. When the carburetor fails to get enough air, the amount of fuel increases, causing black smoke. Another reason is the clogged filter, which disturbs the airflow of the device.

How To Stop Black Smoke Coming Out of Lawn Mower?

It is better to start with the easier part, filter cleaning. Take out the air filters, if they are made up of foam, clean them with soapy water. Once they’re free of all the dirt and dust, apply a coat of engine oil on them and put them back in place. If your lawn features paper filters, it is better to change them.

If this does not stop your lawn mower’s smoking, then you need to adjust the air-to-fuel mixture in the carburetor. It can be done with two screws that you need to locate using the user manual. One screw controls the airflow, and the other is for fuel. If your lawn mower is still giving out smoke, then we recommend you take it a professional service provider.

Blue or White Smoke

A lawnmower white smoke isn’t much danger. It indicates the excessive burning of oil, which can be due to the following reasons: 

  • An overfilled crankcase
  • Inappropriate type of oil
  • Leaning your engine at over 15⁰
  • Faulty or obstructed breather tube
  • Air leaks
  • Damaged piston rings or cylinders


How to Stop Blue or White Smoke From Lawn Mower?

The best way to stop blue or white smoke is to keep your lawnmower working. If the issue is because of the excessive oil spill or any other oil-related issue, the engine will burn the oil, eventually vanishing the smoke. But if you put it to rest at such a time, it will start smoking again when turned on.

Consider the angle you are leaning the mower at. If it is more than 15 degrees or if it’s tipped to its side, it indicates an oil spill. Hence, try to balance the angle and keep the mower running. You can also try changing the oil. However, if none of these work, it’s an indication of other technical issues for which you’ll need a professional mechanic.

Final Words

So do not panic if your lawnmower starts to smoke. Instead, look for the cause and follow the right steps to resolve the issue. It is better to repair your beloved mower than to replace it. You may not know what the new piece brings.

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