How to Stretch New Leather Shoes And Boots

There is nothing like the feel of those great leather shoes or boots.  They feel great when you try them on at the store, but once you get home, you realize that they are a bit tight in the toes or arch.  This is very normal since leather needs to be worn to begin to mold to your feet.  There are some great tips on how to stretch leather shoes that will make them comfortable to wear.

The first thing to remember is that leather is actually a skin and will have to give to it as you wear them.  This is important because if you use other measures, you can overstretch them.  So as always, be careful with those new expensive leather shoes.

There are some ways that you can begin to stretch the shoes a bit.  You can always try a wooden shoe stretcher.  When you buy a wooden stretcher, it can gently begin to stretch the leather for a more comfortable fit.  It can also give more room for those areas of your foot have had painful corns or bunions.  These can work great for those shoes or boots that need some extra room.  You can purchase these on the internet.  Make sure you purchase the correct size for men or women.  They are inexpensive to buy and you can often find them for less than thirty dollars.

Often people will use a shoe stretcher spray.  You merely spray it on the outside of the leather shoes and it will allow for the gentle stretching of the leather.  The spray will work best when using a shoe stretcher.  Some of these styles of stretchers will enable you to use for either shoe.  It can also give you the ability to use plugs to be able to stretch the shoe in problem areas.  Using a spray in conjunction with a shoe stretcher will allow you to fit the shoes much better to each individual foot.

You can always use some home remedies for stretching the shoes.  Some people will stuff newspaper in them to stretch the leather.  Others will use water on the inside of the shoe to make it more pliable.  If you use the water method, you need to be cautious that the leather is waterproof or you will discolor or stain the leather.  This is why a stretching spray is great because it will not stain the leather.  You can always just wear leather shoes or boots and begin to soften the leather.  This may take some time and it may hurt while you do it.

Using a wooden shoe stretcher and some shoe stretching spray is a great option for learning how to stretch leather shoes or boots.  You can find the wooden stretchers and sprays on the internet.  These items are not expensive and are worth it to begin enjoying those great pair of leather shoes.

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