How to Track your Lost Android Phone?

It is quite common for people to forget where they left their phones. You might have left your phone at home, at work, or in your vehicle, and it is annoying to lose track of where you left it. However, what happens if it is stolen or lost? We hope to discuss solutions to these problems today.

Ringing an Android phone from another phone is the most obvious method of tracking it. There can be several reasons for this, including your phone is in silent mode or turned off. Alternatively, it may not be receiving cellular signals in that location.

In this article, we discuss a few more advanced methods that can help you in tracking/finding your phone easily.

How to track an Android phone using Google Find my Device?

This service allows you to track your devices using Google Find my device. If you want to locate your mobile devices, it is a very useful tool. There are, however, several requirements that must be met in order for this service to track the device. They are as follows:

  • The phone must be turned on
  • Google account has to be connected to the phone
  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) is required
  • Find & enable the Location option
  • Finally, Turn on the Find My Device

Once the above requirements have been met, your phone can be located by using Google Find my Device. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the following link
  2. Login using the email address to which you have linked your device
  3. You will now be able to see your device

After reading this article, you should be able to find your lost Android phone.

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