How To Underline Text on an iPhone [Explained!]

When it comes to using an iPhone, there are so many great features that it is easy to overlook some of the less obvious ones. Depending on the nature of the message, you may want to alter certain aspects of it to make them stand out. 

How on earth do you underline text in a message is perhaps a question that some people may wonder about.

You must first ensure that the option is enabled on the iPhone before you can underline a text message. If the feature is enabled, you must hold down the mouse button for a long period to underline a text. 

Then tap the “U” symbol which represents an underline. The highlighted portion of your text message will be underlined.

Then you can begin to add different shapes or bold the text in your messages once you have learned how to underline texts on your iPhone. 

The tasks listed above are quite simple, but if you have a new phone, it can be difficult to understand everything available to you. Please continue reading to learn how exactly you can underline your text messages.

Is it possible to underline text in a text message?

When using an iPhone, it is easy to underline text. The first step is to ensure that your phone’s settings allow you to underline. This can be done by tapping on “General” in your settings.

You will need to tap on accessibility and see if underlining and bolding are enabled on this screen. When it is on you will need to go back to your text messages and long tap on the spot you would like to highlight. 

Depending on where you would like the underlined part to appear, you may need to swipe around the message.

When the right text has been highlighted, you will click on the pop-up that says underline, bold, or underscore, and then you will click on underline or “U”. You simply click away from the highlighted area and the words from your previous highlight will now be underlined.

What is the best way to underline text on WhatsApp while using an iPhone?

Each application may have a different way of underlining text messages, which may be different from the messaging software that comes with your phone. 

You will need to tap the text you wish to highlight on an iPhone using the WhatsApp application. If you highlight all the items on the screen, a box will appear.

Depending on what is needed to be underlined, the box will say select all or select. It will then appear B_I_U, which stands for bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. By clicking on the one you want, the highlighted text will automatically be underlined.

Why Does Facebook Underline Text?

If you’re on Facebook, you can easily underline text. Like Instagram, Facebook is mainly text-based, unlike Instagram, which focuses more on images. Underlining your text on Facebook might seem unheard of, but it is quite easy to do.

Please log in to your Facebook account and type “Bold Text” in the box at the top of the page to underline your text. Once you have clicked on the BT logo, you will see silver and black logo that reads “bold text”.

Click “Go to App” to access the application. To allow the application to access your Facebook, click “Allow” when prompted.

You’ll be able to add texts under your messages on any post or comment if you do this. Once you’ve tapped the “U” for underline, you’ll be able to start typing in that app. Your underlined message will then be posted to your Facebook.

What is the best way to make text bold on an iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, you will not be able to bold your text in the message area within the standard messaging application. The subject line may be bolded, however. A bold subject line can be added to all text messages in the iPhone’s message settings.

You can access this feature by tapping on the “SMS/MMS” heading which is near the bottom of the screen in your iPhone’s standard messaging application. To access this feature, you must tap the toggle button next to “Show Subject Field”.

From here on out, all you have to do is open your messages and select where you wish to type your message. You will place whatever you wish to be bold in the subject area. 

Sending the message will automatically make all text typed in the “Subject” area bold. You should still include it in future messages, even if it is not the bold text body.

How Do You Change Fonts on an iPhone?

You can change the font on your smartphone in many ways, but you will probably need to download a separate application to do so. 

Apple users will have to download an app to take advantage of the new font, but they can continue to use their standard text messaging application. It is very simple to use, you simply download the font application of your choice.

The fonts will need to be downloaded once the app has been downloaded. You will not need to open that application to type once they have been downloaded. Please follow these steps:

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Select general.
  • Select fonts

It is here where you can manage all the fonts that have been downloaded to your phone. If you choose a font on your iPhone, your messages will now appear in that font. 

Please be aware that your font will not appear in the recipient’s message as yours, they may have a different set of fonts installed.

Using All The Features Your iPhone Has To Offer

There are many seemingly small features that iPhone users can take advantage of, from the bolding text in an iPhone messaging app to utilizing WhatsApp. 

It is possible to make your messages stand out and have people wonder how you accomplished it. It only takes a second app or switching on an existing feature on your iPhone.

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