How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Xbox One

Bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy high-quality audio without the use of cables. However, not all devices support the direct connection of these headphones. If you’re new to Xbox One, you might be wondering if you can connect your headphones without using cables.

Despite its numerous features, the Xbox One lacks Bluetooth support. However, this does not preclude you from using your headphones to enjoy the pleasures of gaming without the usage of cables. I teach you how to attach your headphones to your Xbox One in the video below.

On Xbox One, How To Use Bluetooth Headphones

You may listen to audio via Xbox One using Bluetooth headphones in a variety of methods, including utilizing an audio jack, optical, remote play, and connecting to the TV, among others. While the Xbox One doesn’t have Bluetooth, several headphones can connect wirelessly to the device.

It’s difficult to connect your Bluetooth headphones if you don’t have one of these compatible headphones. Instead of Bluetooth, the Xbox One comes with Xbox Wireless, a unique wireless technology. This technology lets you connect peripherals to your Xbox system, like controllers.

Even if you have high-quality headphones like the JBL Boombox, they will not connect to Xbox One since the console only supports a limited number of headphones. The Xbox Stereo headset is one of the headphones featuring the technology, but you might not have one, so you’ll have to settle for any of the other options.

Although Xbox Wireless has a higher frequency than Bluetooth, it is not supported by many devices. While we wait for additional products to support this technology, you can use any of the following methods to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One.

If you have Xbox wireless headphones, such as the Xbox official headsets, you may connect them to the console directly and wirelessly. There are two types of headsets available.

Some headphones connect automatically and others that utilize a wireless dongle that connects to your controller’s USB ports. The first category works like any other headset and requires an adaptor to connect to the console, whilst the second type recognizes Xbox Wireless and connects via it.

Using a Bluetooth Adapter from a Third-Party

Because Xbox doesn’t have Bluetooth, you’ll need to use a third-party adaptor to connect your headphones to the console. This means you’ll have to pay more money to connect your headphones to the console, but it’s the only way to go.

A Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver are required to connect using this method. A transmitter is a device that allows you to hear audio coming from the console through an adaptor. The adapter connects to your console and then uses Bluetooth to transfer signals to your headphones.

Connecting Your Bluetooth Headphones to an Audio Jack

How you connect a Bluetooth adapter depends on the type of Xbox Controller you have. To begin enjoying high-quality audio while gaming, you must first sync your Xbox One with your Xbox controller.

When a connected connection is required, you can utilize the built-in audio jack on newer pads. A Bluetooth transmitter with a 3.5mm jack can be used.

Pair your headsets with this transmitter by connecting it to the audio jack. After that, your headphones should automatically connect and you should be able to hear the audio.

If your TV is not Bluetooth-enabled, you may also attach the Bluetooth adaptor to it. The majority of the adapters are compatible with your television. When you don’t want Bluetooth dongles on your gaming pad, your TV is a better option.

What if you don’t have an audio jack on your controller?

There is no audio jack on the original Xbox One controller. You’ll need a Bluetooth transmitter and a stereo headset adaptor for Xbox One if you have this controller.

A stereo headset adapter is required whether you need a wired or wireless headphones and have the original Xbox controller. The adapter is a Microsoft-developed first-party device that replaces the Xbox console’s lost 3.5mm audio connector.

You have the choice of connecting a wired headphone or a Bluetooth adapter for a wireless headphone connection while using this adapter.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One through Optical

Another simple method for connecting your Bluetooth headphones is to utilize a Bluetooth adaptor that supports optical connections. These adapters are most often used to connect soundbars, but they may also be used to connect Bluetooth headphones.

Aside from the 3.5mm jack connector, some of these transmitters have a digital optical cable. The transmitter may be connected to the Xbox One’s S/PDIF optical audio output connector on the rear. Switch the transmitter’s mode from 3.5mm to S/PDIF and connect your headphones to the transmitter through Bluetooth after it’s connected.

The sole downside of this choice is that you will never be able to speak with other Xbox One players because the transmitter only enables output. You will be able to hear the sounds from your games flawlessly, but you will be unable to respond.

Players who own an Xbox Series X|S will be unable to use this feature since their console lacks a digital output connection; instead, they must use one of the other choices listed above. You may connect the transmitter to your TV if your Xbox doesn’t allow this connection.

Because most recent TVs include an optical connector, you may attach the transmitter to it. The connection between your headphones and your computer stays the same.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One with Remote Play

You can utilize Xbox Remote Play to enjoy your games through your Bluetooth headphones if you’re playing on a tiny screen. Microsoft offers Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controllers, allowing you to connect your devices with ease. The Xbox One S is one of these devices, and it supports both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless.

However, for the Bluetooth connection to operate, you must be close to the console. You’ll need the Xbox software on your iOS or Android device, a new Xbox controller with Bluetooth connectivity, and Bluetooth headphones to make this connection. You might alternatively use a Bluetooth controller that is compatible with mobile devices.

To get the connection up and running, follow these steps:

  • Bluetooth connects your headphones to your phone.
  • Connect your phone to the controller.
  • On your Xbox, click the Guide Button and go to Profiles and Systems to set up the connection.
  • Select Settings >> Device and Connections >> Remote Features from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the checkbox next to “Enable Remote Features”:
  • Make sure the power mode is set to “Instant On.”
  • Click the Remote Play button on the app screen to continue setting up the connection from your Xbox app.
  • If you haven’t already, click the “Set Up A Console” option to link the console and the app. You may now select “Remote Play” from the drop-down menu.

After you’ve completed the setup, you may play on your console through the little screen, while the music is played over your Bluetooth headphones. After you’ve completed the setup, you may play on your console through the little screen, while the music is played over your Bluetooth headphones.

Using PC Connections to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

This is one of the simplest ways to connect your Xbox One headphones. The two devices will easily tether audio if you utilize your Windows PC as the end-user device. Because both the Windows PC and the Xbox One are Microsoft products, they are quite interoperable.

You must have both the PC and the console on the same network to link them. An Ethernet connection can be used. On your PC, you’ll also need the Xbox Console Companion App.

Fortunately, the Companion App comes pre-installed on Microsoft PCs. If the program isn’t already installed on your computer, you may get it from the Microsoft website. Following the procedures below, you may easily establish a connection and begin playing:

If you don’t already have an account, open the Companion app and create one.

On your app, tap the Connection button. You’ll be presented with a window that allows you to connect to your Xbox One. To add a device, go to the top right corner of the window and click the “Add a Device” button.

This option looks for devices, and after it finds your console, simply click the Connect button to begin playing. When Windows takes a long time to search, go ahead and manually search until you find your terminal.

Open Xbox Settings >> Devices and Streaming >> Device Connections if you’re still having trouble connecting. After that, you must activate the options Allow Play To Streaming and Game Streaming To Other Devices, as well as Only From Profiles Signed on This Console.

On the Connections tab, locate your Xbox and click on it. After the connection is established, you may use your PDA to operate Xbox.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Be Connected to a TV?

If none of the aforementioned alternatives appeal to you, you can connect your headphones to the television. To do so, first, connect your TV to the console, then pair your headphones with the TV through Bluetooth. Only a Bluetooth-enabled TV and an HDMI cable are required.

Connect the console to the TV using an HDMI connection, then choose HDMI as the input source on your TV. Connect your headphones to your television and begin watching your game.

Closing Thoughts

When playing on your Xbox One, it’s nice to be able to utilize Bluetooth headphones. You’ll never have to struggle with tangled cables or limitations on where you may sit while playing.

Begin by purchasing high-quality Bluetooth headphones, then choose the connection that best suits your needs. If you ever have a connection problem, simply reset your Bluetooth headphones and the issue will be resolved.

Select the remote play option when traveling. When you get home, you may finalize the connection with your computer or television. If possible, get a Bluetooth transmitter or adaptor and connect from there.

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