How to Use Power Tower Effectively in 2022

It is up to you which exercises to perform in which order, but you should understand how to use the power tower effectively in 2021. You should choose the number of sets and reps according to your fitness level. This workout is a full-body routine that will work all major muscles in your body.

What Can You Do With a Power Tower?

  • Push Up

The starting position is to grasp the handles and keep the body and head straight. Let your arms bend at the elbows and dip your chest almost down to the floor. Take a deep breath and then return to your starting position. Here, the handles will serve as racks for push-ups. The improved wrist comfort will allow you to perform more advanced exercises. 

  • Pull-Ups/ Chin-ups

This is a great exercise that tones your shoulders and biceps as well as targets your back. With these moves, you can increase your upper body pulling strength very effectively. You should not rock as you move. It would be best if you went up a little faster and slowly lower your body. It is advisable to reduce the upper portion of the shoulder blade.

  • Knee Raises

Core exercises such as knee raise help to strengthen the entire body. Beginners should, however, start with knee lifts since it is not easy. A leg raise station with arm and back padding is included with the power towers. With the thick padding of foam or other materials, these are comfortable to use. Furthermore, this leg raise station keeps your body in the right position while you perform the exercise.

  • Dips

Dip exercises are extremely powerful triceps exercises, but they also work the shoulders and chest. Leaning forward causes your pecs to work more. It’s an upper-body exercise that every workout routine should include. You can use the bench or support such as a hand crank power tower to perform dips. 

  • Crunches

Crunches can target your core muscles and strengthen your abs. This exercise can be performed more comfortably with the use of a fitness mat. Place your feet on the ground and lie down. Bending the knees. Crossing the hands on the chest or putting them behind the head are both acceptable. Keep your back straight as you lift your body out. You can now return to where you started.

How to Use Power Tower?

Final Verdict

Even though power tower workout stations are quite basic in terms of design and features, you can still find them highly useful. They make it easy to exercise in a variety of ways and are easy to use. 

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