How to use Serprobot [16 Free Google Position Tools in 2023]

Have you ever heard of the online SERP checker known as SERPRobot?

You have arrived at the correct location if you are seeking the finest free SERP checker.

Why would you need a robot that searches the Search Engine Results Page?

To verify the SEO of your blog entries, you will also need a Google checker.

You need to care for your blog entries as you would a kid until they reach their full potential.

In this context, “maturation” refers to making it to Page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages provided by Google (SERPs).

You won’t be able to assist your posts in reaching Page 1 of Google unless you identify which ones need your assistance.

Because of this, you will use SERPRobot and other Google position tools.

After reading this text, you will have the knowledge necessary to choose the Search Engine Rank Position checker that is most suitable for your needs.

Bring on the most effective tools for tracking SERPs.

What exactly is meant by the term “Google Position Tools”?






Keyword Rank Checker


Check Your Position on Google

Small SEO Tools

It gets better. There is no cost associated with using any of the Google positioning tools discussed in this piece.

Make sure you read all the way to the conclusion of the page since there is a review of the tenth tool that Google offers, called Google Search Console.

This article provides the answers to the following questions:

How can I find out where I am ranked in the SERPs?

What exactly are the results of a SERP?

How do you perform a SERP Analysis?

Are you prepared to go? To boost your Google rating, let’s take a closer look at SEO ranking checks and learn more about them.

What exactly is meant by the term “Google Positioning Tool”?

A tool that may determine where a website or URL currently stands in the various search engines is known as a Google positioning tool.

You structured the material that you produced around a selection of keywords. Because of these tools, you can check where you rank for certain keywords.

These tools evaluate the positioning of your article for a certain phrase to determine where it stands in the search engine results pages (SERPS). Because of this, you could also hear people refer to them as “Keyword Position Checkers.”

They are also known as “Web Positioning Tools” because they display the positions of your postings in various search engines.

The next thing you need to do when you have completed creating an article using your desired keywords is to monitor where it ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Many critical factors call for you to proceed in this manner.

To begin, you should keep working on constructing backlinks using anchor text. You need SERPRobot and other tools to determine which topics you should create backlinks to.

Next, you should update the material if it gets out of date or whenever new information emerges after it has been published, whichever is the case. Include “The current year + Update” in your meta description.

When you’ve finished making changes to your posts, you may ask Google to recrawl them so that they move up the search engine results pages (SERPs) more quickly.

Additionally, some of the links in your earlier postings may no longer work. Changing such links will improve your rating on search engine results pages (SERPS). People will abandon your site if there are broken links, which is bad for your search engine optimization.

In addition to that, don’t you find it interesting? You put a lot of effort into writing your posts. Checking the standings of your articles in the pages of the results that search engines provide should let you know how successful your efforts were.

At long last, you will be able to replicate your triumphs. Find that Google often promotes your articles to higher positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a certain content category in your niche. You might think about producing additional material on that subject.

Evidently, Google considers you educated on the subject since it displays your postings to individuals searching for information on that subject.

There are nine Google Positioning Tools that might assist you in ranking higher.

Let’s begin with SERPRobot, the tool I use most often to monitor changes in keyword use.


Let’s begin with a review of SERPRobot, shall we?

This Google position checker tool has emerged as a clear front-runner for my top pick.

Using the hashtag #marketingdigital, I posed the question to marketers on Instagram as to whether or not they were familiar with SERPRobot.


Nobody who participated in the survey was aware of this remarkable device.

What exactly is this SERPRobot?

(Previously known as

The term “SERPRobot” comes from the fact that its primary function is to examine a website’s position in the Search Engine Results Pages (also known as “SERPs”) shown by Google.

Do you ever wonder where your articles are in Google’s rankings? SERPRobot will give you the answer. SERPRobot will tell you not only whether you rank but also in what place you rank.

You can check up to five different keywords at the same time. Do you want to look at more? No problem! This incredible tool is free, and there is no limit to the number of searches you may do with it.

The SERPRobot keyword Google position tool is offered at no cost, even though the company charges for access to specific service elements.

You should start using this incredible tool as soon as possible. SERPRobot is currently in its beta stage. It is anyone’s guess as to whether or not there will be a fee for using the service in the future.

UPDATE on Prices for SERPBot and SERPRobot,

Issued March 2021: SERPRobot is still a free tool that checks your ranking on Google.

SERPRobot does, however, provide a variety of price plans. You have the option to contract a SERPBot for a fee.

Pricing begins at $9.99 per bot each month, however, you can test out the bot without incurring any further fees during a trial period that lasts for 14 days.

Additional SERPBot Instruments

There are other SEO tools available besides SERPRobot that come equipped with a SERPBot. As an instance, SEO Empire will give you traffic by using a search bot. After a free trial time, SEO Empire is a paid product that cannot be deleted from your account.

Tutorial on Using the SERPRobot

Go to

Simply click the Free SERP Check link.

Pick your area of interest.

Type in your blog URL. Please note that you don’t need to type in HTTP or HTTPS.

Enter the URL of a rival whose results you want to verify or the keywords you are interested in seeing where you rank on Google and click the “Check” button.

Click the box that says, “I am not a robot.”

Simply click the “Check SERP now” button.

Since my article on the Instasize video is still generating traffic, I decided to use SERPRobot to check its ranking. The term “Instasize video,” which I had chosen as the primary target keyword for the piece, was the phrase I entered into the tool.


According to the programme, my article is now ranked sixth on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Not only does Google rank this in the top 10 results for the search, but I can also confirm that my piece appears on the very first page of results.

Why this is important:

I have a plan for building backlinks. I have to pick and select the links I want to use to get backlinks to my content from websites with high domain authority.

The selection of which link to post on my site is crucial. My Google results could improve if I got a link from a website with high domain authority (DA).

I had the option of selecting the URL to my Instasize video in an effort to maintain its position on Page 1. On the other side, to attempt to move it up to Page 1 of Google’s results, I may choose a link that is now located on Page 2.

February in the year 2020, I checked to see where five different keywords ranked on Google.

I needed to check to see whether any of them were already ranked on Page 1 of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), so that I could determine whether or not I should utilise them as internal links in the event that they were falling behind.

To my great relief, each was located on Page 1 of the SERPs. I am grateful to you, SERPRobot!

Update: April 2020

Following the publication of this essay, I have carried on using SERPRobot to my complete satisfaction. At Quora and on GrowthHackers, I’ve brought SERPRobot to the attention of other writers.

It has now occurred to me that it is irrelevant whether you examine one keyword position or five keyword locations. Your positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs) are checked at the same breakneck pace by SERPRobot.

UPDATE: I’ve been getting all of my Google Position data for the last half a year from Ahrefs. Even if I weren’t using Ahrefs, I’d still use SERPRobot to determine where a website is in Google’s rankings.

UPDATE: As of August 2020,

Hubshout has relaunched itself as Semify.

Enter your website’s URL here.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will find articles you rank for, and on the right, you will see the top five keywords that generate visitors to your website.


To get further information on your keyword ranks, click the See Full Keyword Analysis button.

Please be aware that Hubshout does not provide you stats in real time.

Check out this review of Hubshout if you want to learn more about the platform.


Mangools developed the tool known as SERPChecker.

Go to

Enter your domain name, and then click the Start Tracking button.

Select the platform you want to use, then fill in the terms you wish to monitor.

Simply typing in the keyword will tell you where you are in the rankings for that particular term. You can enter several keywords at the same time.

Just click the Start Tracking button.

You should let the tool up to half an hour before it reports your findings.

I just monitored two terms because I am not very active on SERPWatcher. Since I began using the tool, both have seen a drop in the ranks. This explains why there is no information under the “Top gainers” heading.

I intend to make greater use of this useful tool in the future, and I have only lately begun keeping note of five more keywords.

Check out this review of 5 of Mangools’ SEO products published on Mostly Blogging.


Go to

Fill in the name of your blog where it says “Enter a rival” at the top of the page.

Scroll down to check how you rank for various keywords.


These are the top five terms that I rank for, according to SpyFu’s data.

This review of SpyFu contains further details and information about the programme.


My blog entries get high rankings for a wide variety of keywords.

When you select the Keywords tab, you will be presented with a list of the most popular search terms people use to locate your website every month. You will also be able to determine where you stand in the Search Engine Results Pages of Google for the phrases in question.

In this Ubersuggest review, you will get a lesson and other information about Ubersuggest.

Reading in Related Subjects: When the new year of 2020 rolled along, Ubersuggest made the once-free feature available for $10 per month. Here are free Ubersuggest alternatives.

Keyword Rank Checker

Go to

Simply enter the label of the search term that you wish to look up.

Then, provide the name of your blog in the space provided.

Choose between Google and Yahoo.

Choose either a desktop or a mobile device, and then click “Go.”

To access the Keyword Research Tool, click here.

You have arrived at this link: Keyword Rank Checker, which will allow you to check your ranks for free and provide you with a programme to download.


Go to

In the space designated for “All Reports,” enter the URL of your blog.

To see where you are in terms of your keyword rankings, scroll down.

You may learn more about SEMRush by reading this guide, which explains how you can utilise SEMrush to gather intelligence about your competition.

Checker for the Position of Keywords on Google

The tool that Moonsy uses is called Google Keyword Position Checker.

As a result of Moonsy’s previous concerns over the misuse of keyword rank checkers, the company decided to restrict the usage of this website positioning tool beginning in January 2019.

The restrictions are as follows: To use the programme without cost, you are required to either write a review of Google Keyword Position Checker or provide a link to the website where it can be found.

Navigate to in your web browser.

Enter your website’s domain name and the term you want to verify your ranking.

Simply click the Add Your Domain button.

Simply click the “Add Competition Domain” button if you like to carry out a competitor analysis.

SEO Rank Checker

Have you heard of this tool for determining the keyword position in Small SEO Tools?

A free Google position checker tool is also included in the Small SEO Tools package.

Small SEO Tools has developed a tool known as SEO Rank Checker.

Please visit for more information.

Enter the name of your blog and up to ten search terms you want to verify your rankings for. Please enter each of the keywords on a separate line.

Choose whether you want to verify the location on your desktop computer or your mobile device. Select the Check Position option.

While waiting for the tool to begin its “thinking,” you are treated to a number of eye-catching spectacular effects.

These are the results that I obtained after entering 5 keywords.

There are actions you may do to boost your ranks in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) if the results are less than satisfying.

How to Improve Your Ranking on Google and Why It Matters

What are the following steps to take?

What happens if the results that the Google position tools provide are not to your liking?

What should you do if the results that SERPRobot and the other Google Position Tools provide you are unsatisfactory?

There are few things you can do to boost the position of your article in the SERPS, including the following:

Make sure your article is up to date with the latest information.

Your keyword research has to be redone, and you should add a new tag to the content.

Even if you had shared the content right after it was published, you should still promote it.

May 2021 Revisions and Updates

Because this page contains several Google Position Tools, I’ve arranged the information in a word cloud to make it easier for you to identify the most relevant data, in addition to the SERPRobot rank-checking tool.

March 2021


In the same vein as SERPRobot and the other available SERPRobot replacements, SERPLab is an effective keyword position checker.

How does SERPLab Work?

The software that SERPLab uses is hosted in the cloud. There is no need for the installation at all. Your keyword placements are monitored on your behalf by bots.

Pricing for SERPLab

When you join up for SERPLab, we provide you with a complimentary access to one of our bot keyword checkers.

December 2020

In addition to being a tool for checking the position of keywords on Google, SEOProfiler is a versatile application that serves a number of other purposes as well.

There is a free account available on SEOProfiler. The price range begins at $69.95.

November 2020

True Ranker

After reading a recommendation for the software in the SEO subreddit on Reddit, I found out about True Ranker, which is a Google Position Tools Checker.

Someone suggested using SE Ranking, which is a tool offered by SEMrush, on the very same subreddit. Research as well as the posts made by users on Reddit have shown that SE Ranking is not free.

Oct. of the year 2020

Update 1

The WordPress Admin Panel

I just came across another SERPChecker, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.


As you can see, WordPress does not show you all of the terms that visitors use when searching for your blog. On the other hand, I can see a total of six of them listed under “Search Engine Terms” at the very bottom of the stats screen.

Insert these keywords into these posts, preferably at the beginning of the post where they will have the most impact. They have already brought up your blog in Google’s search results. Including them in the beginning of the post can give it a boost in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Update 2

I was surprised to learn that the information forum known as Reddit has a search feature.

Why should we care about this?

During the course of my research into SERPRobot and other SERP Checker tools over the weekend, I came across multiple references to the following being recommended by other people: SEMRush, Moz, and Ubersuggest.

In the event that you require additional SERP Checkers in addition to SERPRobot and the others that have already been described in this article, the Reddit Search Engine is a useful resource.

September 2020

Another search engine results page checker is coming your way. You may utilise What’s MY SERP in addition to SERPRobot and the other tools that have been described in this article. The programme checks both a user’s Google SERP and their Google Rank.

July 2020

Ahrefs If you want to know where your keywords currently stand, you may utilise Ahrefs.


Ahrefs is showing me in this snapshot four keywords for which I rank in Positions 1-4 in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Ahrefs displays to you the Movement of your keywords together with the dates on which they rose or fell in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Pricing for Ahrefs begins at $99 dollars per month.

After the article was published, a reader emailed me to inquire whether or not I recommend include videos in blog articles.

My reaction was as follows:

“When I notice that the post is rated on Page 2, in order to get it up to Page 1 of the results, I will sometimes include a video.”

Utilize these tools to determine whether or not your content need an upgrade from Page 2 to Page 1 of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Including a video is one strategy you may use in an effort to give your articles that extra push.

These tools will let you know whether or not you need to go the additional mile.

One of Ahrefs’s users on Quora offered an impressive endorsement of the effectiveness of the company’s tools:

“Ahrefs has the largest database of backlinks on the market, so whether you’re working on finding link building opportunities, conducting a backlink profile analysis, or a competitor’s analysis, Ahrefs it’s my go-to tool for this.”

[Citation needed] “Ahrefs has the largest database of backlinks on the market.”

Updated in October 2020: Ahrefs is now providing free webmaster tools to all of its users. On the other hand, Ahrefs will not provide their Rank Tracker at no cost.

My keyword positions are monitored by Ahrefs Rank Tracker on a regular basis. Because I have a subscription to Ahrefs Rank Tracker, I no longer need to use SERPRobot.

Ahrefs provides me with daily updates on the shifting positions of my keywords. I am also informed when Google ranks my newly added keywords, as well as the volume and placements of such keywords.

These messages are sent to my email address by Ahrefs. As a result, I am informed about it both in the email that I get and on the Ahrefs website.

When compared to other Google Position Tools, such as SERPRobot, Ahrefs stands out as unique. Ahrefs, for instance, reveals to you in minute detail the stuff that other websites are including in their articles but that you are excluding from your own.

This allows you to add that information, making you more competitive in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

June 2020

Google’s Control Panel for Search

An alternative to SERPRobot is available in the form of Google Search Console.


You can see that SERPRobot is acting as your keyword position checker if you look at the Position column on the far right of the page.

The following is a guide on how to utilise Google Search Console as your position checker on Google:

To access Google Search Console, go here.

To get your average position, choose it from the menu at the top of the screen. You will be able to view the locations at which your keywords are located.

I had no idea that Google Search Console had such an interesting and useful tool until just now.

May 2020

I used SERPRobot to research my keyword, which was “Blogger Tricks.” The tool incorrectly said that my content was not included in Google’s top one hundred results.

When I searched for “blogger techniques” using Google’s search engine, I was surprised to see that my article appeared in the Featured Snippet box on the first page of the search engine results pages.

If your content is included in Google’s Featured Snippets box, then SERPRobot probably won’t be able to see it in the search engine results page (SERP). This is considered Position 0 in the ranking system. The range of positions that are monitored by SERPRobot is from 1 to 100.

Frequently Requested Answers Provided by SERPRobot

How can I determine my position on Google’s search results?

Make use of a keyword position checker offered by Google. You are able to view the rankings of up to five keywords at once for free with Even if there are a lot of other Google position tools, I still think Ubersuggest and Google Search Console are the best.

How can I determine where I stand in the SERPs?

That is dependant on the instrument. For instance, when you go to Ubersuggest, you input the URL of your website, and then Ubersuggest notifies you of the keywords for which you rank and the places in which you rank for those keywords. When you utilise SERPRobot, on the other hand, you input your keywords, and SERPRobot will tell you where your keywords lie on the Search Engine Results Pages of Google.

How do you perform a SERP Analysis?

I think is a good resource. Spyfu will inform you which of your keywords have gone up in ranking, moved down in ranking, or have just begun ranking once you type in your URL.

I promptly update the post with the fallen term once I see it has been dropped in popularity. It is strongly suggested that you follow suit. Google favours websites that often provide new material, so doing so might give your articles the boost they need.

What exactly are the results of a SERP?

The abbreviation SERP refers to the Search Engine Results Pages. To improve a website’s status in search engine results pages (SERPs) is the objective of a search engine marketer (SEM).

The closer website material is to being located on Page 1, Position 1, the greater its exposure. Today, there is even something called Position 0, which indicates that you are listed in the Featured Snippet Box at the very top of Page 1 for your particular search phrase.

How precise is the SERPRobot tool?

Although I have never compared SERPRobot’s conclusions to those of another tool, I have never had any cause to question the reliability of its findings. My observations led me to believe that the findings were reliable.

Can you tell me more about the SERPRobot website? Is there a connection to SEO or the Google Ranking in any way?

Because it can examine keywords for free, SERPRobot might be considered an SEO tool. You can check your Google Rankings with the help of SERPRobot. When I see that my rank has dropped, I revise my article in the hopes that it would rise higher in the listings provided by Google’s search engine.

SERPRobot and Other Google Positioning Tools: A Wrap-Up

In conclusion, these tools can only be used to determine your keyword’s position in Google’s search results; they cannot determine the placements of your keywords in the results of other search engines.

Additionally, the tools may also be used in the capacity of Google Page Position Checker tools. In other words, you may use them to examine the position of your static pages in the search engine results pages (SERPs) in addition to checking the position of your postings.

You now have access to nine more tools for checking your Google position.

You are now aware of which keywords to concentrate on and how to do so as a direct consequence of employing these tools.

You can keep tabs on the search terms that are sending you traffic, and there is one more trick you can do.

In addition to allowing you to monitor your placements on Google, several of these tools also provide you the ability to do an analysis of your competitors.

It’s possible that there are other programmes out there that will charge you money to access the same information that SERPRobot and these other website placement solutions provide.

Which of the tools that checks Google position are you going to utilise first?

Readers, we ask that you help spread the word about SERPRobot and the other Google Position tools so that blogs may use them.

I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comment area. Have I neglected to include any of the Google position-finding tools? Do you know of any other free programmes similar to Google Positions that you may recommend? Have you worked with SERPRobot or any other Google Position tools before?

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