How to use the level tool on iPhone

Leveling up your home

The built-in iOS level is a handy way to check if the surface you’re standing on has been leveled using just your iPhone. previously included as part of Compass app but now it’s been moved into Measure so that all levels can be found within one place!

To get started, first launch the Measure app on your iPhone. This will make it possible for you to measure distances using augmented reality (AR) through camera view and click here if need be!

Once the Measure app is open, follow these steps to use the level:

1. Tap the Level option at the bottom of the screen

2. The iPhone will display the current angle. The iPhone can be held horizontally or vertically

3. The Level tool turns green when the angle is level

4. The iPhone can also be placed flat on a surface

5. The bubbles align and the Level tool turns green when the surface is level

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