Important Tips on How to Groom for a Job Interview

So you have an interview for your dream job in two days and you have done all the research about the company and thought about every possible question that the interviewer might ask as you are preparing for the job interview. You are standing in front of the mirror, practicing how you would talk to the interviewer and suddenly it strikes you: What should I wear for the interview? Will I be judged on the basis of my appearance as well? How do I groom myself for this interview? The fact that we all get hired solely depending on our personal abilities and skills is more than obvious but believe it or not, appearance does play a crucial role in getting your dream job. Whether you are preparing for a white-collar or a blue-collar job, paying close attention to how you groom yourself will help you out a lot without a doubt.

Companies hire those who they believe are the best for the position. While experience, skills, and qualifications are paramount, grooming and appearance cannot be ignored at all. The way you dress for an interview conveys professionalism. Your appearance will create an image that will help you get the job. Employers usually form a judgment about you within the first 10-15 seconds of the meeting.
Aim of Appropriate Grooming and dressing

The primary aim of appropriate grooming is to present a positive image in front of the interviewer. A number of times, the non-speaking messages can convey more than the speaking skills that someone uses to sell one’s qualifications. This is not to say that an interview is a beauty contest and you should totally concentrate on your appearance. NO! What I mean is: appearance is an aspect which, when combined with the skills, can help you catch any job! You should never give a chance to the interviewer to rule you out just because you did not put in enough effort into the way you look.

How to groom for an interview

In order to prepare for a job interview in the best possible way, you should keep in mind certain important aspects.

1. Clothing

The clothes you wear on the day of the interview demonstrate your confidence level and your attitude. It is not to say that your appearance alone will get you the job but it will surely add up to your overall performance. There are no set rules regarding dress code. The selection depends on your choice, the job you have applied for, your location and so on. The main aim is to look appropriate for the post you have applied for. You should try and avoid loud colors and flashy styles. Your clothes should fit you well; not too loose and not too body-hugging. A good dressing taste and common sense play an important role in your preparation for the job interview.

2. A Good Hair Day

As far as your hairstyle goes, the best advice would be: ‘Keep it simple’. Never ever try to spike your hair. It is always better to get a haircut done some days prior to the interview. Make sure that you wash your hair on the day of the interview in order to give yourself a fresh look.

3. Shave or No Shave

Most of the people you know will advise you to go ‘clean shaved’ to an interview. But most of the companies have now become quite open to interviewees with beard and mustache. Make sure that if you have a beard that you can’t afford to lose for an interview, it must be well-trimmed. Never go for an interview with an unkempt mustache or beard.

4. The Right Pair of Socks

Many people tend to overlook the pair of socks they are wearing because they think that no one would look at it. But this is not true. Your neglect shows your lack of attention towards details. Choose the right pair of socks, preferably with a dark shade and give no chance to the interviewer to find faults in you.

A quick recap for all the readers: Take a shower and wear light and pleasant deodorant. Keep your hairstyle simple and your look professional. There should be no stains on your clothes and put on Well-polished shoes. And most importantly, no chewing gums. All are set and you are ready to rock!

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