12 Innovative Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into Koi Pond

Why keep a Koi pond in your backyard?

In life, things that often seem to have little or no value can actually benefit without you even knowing how. Take, for example, books that entertain you, equip you with the latest knowledge and educate you if you care to read them. A soothing landscape may not have the same manifest effects, but they have an equally important impression on your life. It has a miraculous relieving effect for your strain and anxiety, and provide a tranquil environment for you to read or ponder.

Your backyard lawn can take many shapes and there are myriads of makeover options available online. One such option is to transform your backyard into a koi pond. These ponds have its root in Japanese gardening culture, which, in turn, is famous for its simplicity and philosophical wisdom. Koi is a resilient fish and is quite a symbol of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity. For its striking ability to swim upstream, it is widely regarded for its tenacity and strength.

Koi ponds gained popularity when this culture spread to countries beyond Japanese borders. Thanks to globalization that people adopted culture from nations other than their own, and so koi ponds become a sensation across Europe and Northern America. Koi became an ornamental fish, and koi ponds became a refreshing place to dwell on for many westerners.

If you have a likening for Japanese culture or want something to put your anxiety away and make you carefree, you need a koi pond in your backyard. Nobody and I repeats nobody, has ever been reported regretting the decision to incorporate koi pond into their yard. All I have listened so far is the seemingly unstoppable praise for the pond. So if you have made up your mind for the makeover, the following koi ponds idea can really inspire you to have one. We have also attached to them the best resources we could find to guide you.


12 Innovative Koi Pond Ideas


DIY Garden Pond & Deck

IF you are a DIY enthusiast, and have a particular interest in gardening, making a pond can be a very exciting activity to do in your leisure time. To incorporate these ponds into your backyard, you must have a rudimentary knowledge of and skills in using construction equipment. Building a complementary deck will require hiring an expert carpenter. The family handyman is a valuable resource to guide you along the way.


Recycled Bathtub Pond

Rather than ditching them, you can put faulty, old bathtubs in good use. There is no better use of a bathtub than turning it into a mini pond in your backyard. The pond itself would have a minimum cost and will take no time to be built. Empress of dirt has shown us the best practices to achieve this feat.


Stock Tank Koi Pond

Old Stock tanks, just like yucky bathtubs, can be transformed into koi ponds. They may not have the right size and depth of a standard pond, but when it comes to beauty and tranquilizing effects, they can really do the job. As I surfed the internet, I came across many useful resources to turn stock tanks into koi ponds. Of them, the best guide was offered by Penick.


DIY Pond With Waterfall

The DIY Ponds can take a fantastic new look if you add an artificial waterfall in it. There is no rocket science involved in it as Oh My Creative has described it in a lengthy blog post. A seamlessly running waterfall will multiply the beauty of the pond to many folds.


DIY Yard Pond

There is no limitation that restricts you from building a pond in your front yard. The landscape cannot be much better. At Mom Dot, you can find valuable information, along with relevant pictures,  on how to make your front yard a pleasing site to have.


Tire Koi Pond

Tire fish Ponds have become a popular trend in many American states. They are quite inexpensive to make as they just need useless tires. Instructables will provide you with step by step instructions on how to make a tire fish pond in your backyard.


DIY Mini Water Garden

A mini water garden can be set up on your deck and porch, and need little or no technical expertise at all. They are large-sized containers that are filled to the top to look like a mini pond. Whats Ur Home Story is a blog run by gardening enthusiasts. In the attached article they have demonstrated the way to give a subtle touch to your outdoor space by adding a mini water garden into it.


Boxed Pond

Boxed ponds cost you extra money, but are unparalleled in beauty and aesthetics. They are raised wooden structures, strong enough to carry the weight of water in it. Family handyman came up with an excellent blog post on how to make a boxed pond at home, and I couldn’t resist sharing this knowledgeable resource.


Patio Koi Pond

A lot of people want to make their patio a delightful place to enjoy leisure time. They just don’t have the motivation to do that or don’t know how to make it happen painlessly. Turning your patio into an exquisite Koi pond isn’t doesn’t require an expert, diyncrafts shows you how.


Stone lined Koi Pond

At popular mechanics, Joseph Truini has created an excellent instructive tutorial to make a stone-lined koi pond in your backyard. One particular limitation in this kind of pond is the area, which must be large enough to accommodate all the essential elements of the pond. The stones take a major chunk of the area, but they really give a natural look to the pond.


DIY Raised Pond

At let’s Go Junkies, Tracy blew my mind with her crazy idea of building a raised koi pond all by herself. She gave all the minute details, important tips, and through-going instructions in a lengthy blog post to do so, and I was nothing but inspired by her innovative way and techniques employed.


Miniature Koi Pond

Miniature ponds can fit into any yard irrespective of their size and shape. Heather, at Gardening Know, has covered everything you need to know to make a miniature koi pond. The ornament fish and the plants in the pond might cost you a little high, but it is the best value addition in your life.

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