Can You Buy An iPad From Verizon Without A Data Plan?

Whatever the reason, whether it’s a damaged screen or an out-of-date gadget, it’s time to visit Verizon and purchase a new iPad.

Even if you already have a data plan, the salesman, like other salespeople, is attempting to sell you one.

Is it possible to get a new iPad without having to purchase a new data plan?

Do you need a data plan to purchase an iPad on Verizon?

A Verizon iPad may be purchased without a data plan. This is advantageous for folks who have already purchased a family data package and just wish to add another device to it. 

Although Apple sells Wi-Fi-only iPads, Verizon does not; all Verizon iPads require a data subscription to function.

We’ll discuss if you can buy an iPad from Verizon without a data plan, whether a data plan is required for iPads that only use Wi-Fi, and the marvel of an iPad that just utilizes Wi-Fi in the sections below.

Buying an iPad from Verizon Without a Data Plan

When ordering an iPad online or in a shop, the option of purchasing a tablet without also purchasing a data plan isn’t advertised on every screen.

Instead, it’s something you’ll have to ask a salesperson about, even though many families don’t buy a data plan with every new gadget they buy.

There’s no need to be concerned since Verizon will gladly add a device to your family’s data plan.

However, you will be charged a modest cost if you add a device to your data plan, so keep that in mind.

When you buy an iPad from Verizon without a contract, you have the option to cancel or suspend your iPad line at any time.

There are no prerequisites that must be met.

Can an iPad only be used via Wi-Fi without requiring a data plan?

Although it might be difficult to picture without carrying your iPad with you at all times, many families have begun to keep iPads in their homes for their children.

Because these devices never leave the house, they are always linked to the internet.

Is it important to have your iPad linked to a data plan in situations like this?

The quick answer is a little more complicated: it depends.

Even though the iPad is always connected to Wi-Fi, many iPads now require a data subscription.

However, certain iPads, such as Wi-Fi-only models and earlier models, may not have required a data plan.

Additionally, you may disable data use on your iPad using the Settings app.

Even iPads that just use data on occasion do not require data use to be switched on.

Instead, if there isn’t a local Wi-Fi network to connect to, they can connect to your iPhone’s hotspot.

Buying a Wi-Fi-Only iPad

Consider getting a Wi-Fi-only iPad if you are certain you will never need a data subscription for your iPad.

While it’s good to have the option of utilizing cellular data, it’s quite unlikely that your trusty iPhone hotspot would be unavailable when you need it.

Most of the time, if your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot isn’t available, neither will your iPad’s data plan.

It’s a tempting offer because Apple’s Wi-Fi-only iPads are less expensive than Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad.

The main issue is that outside of Apple, getting a Wi-Fi-only iPad is difficult.

Because the thought of just being able to use it when connected to Wi-Fi isn’t particularly tempting to the general public, you’ll have to buy a Wi-Fi-only iPad from Apple.

You may also find a Wi-Fi-only iPad at retailers that don’t provide data services, such as Walmart or Amazon.

Does Verizon sell only Wi-Fi iPads?

Verizon, like the majority of corporations, does not sell Wi-Fi-only iPads or any other Wi-Fi-only products.

This is because Verizon’s primary business is selling cellular data plans.

Because offering Wi-Fi-only iPads would reduce Verizon’s income from cellular data plans, Wi-Fi-only iPads are not available.

Verizon provides plenty of alternatives for your new gadget, even if they don’t sell Wi-Fi-only iPads. If you’re a lover of Apple products, they sell the ordinary iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro, all of which come in a variety of years and generations.

For individuals who aren’t lovers of Apple, Verizon offers a wide range of alternatives.

These options include products from TCL and Samsung.

These other firms provide several alternatives to the iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and S7, which are expected to compete with the iPad mini and normal iPad, respectively, are Samsung’s offerings to this market.

The TCL TAB Pro 5G, the TCL TAB Family Edition, and the TCL TAB 8 are three rivals of TCL.

To give you a sense of scale, the TAB 8 is about the same size as an iPad mini.

The TAB Family Edition, which is aimed at families with young children, is roughly the same size as an iPad mini but includes numerous eye protection settings to keep kids’ eyes safe when they use it for lengthy periods.

Because Apple is known for doing things differently than other corporations, there may be some learning curve as you become used to the new system.

However, it may be worthwhile in the end.

What are Verizon’s iPad prices compared with their competitors?

When you start using one cellular data provider exclusively, it’s easy to forget that there are others available.

However, pricing might fluctuate, leaving you questioning why you began using the firm in the first place.

Verizon’s costs are comparable to those of its biggest competitors, AT&T and T-Mobile when compared on their websites.

The iPad data plans offered by Verizon are incredibly affordable.

T-Mobile offers slightly higher costs for the standard iPad and the iPad mini, whereas AT&T has identical prices for iPad data plans.

The pricing of the iPad Pro is comparable throughout the board.

It all boils down to your preference for cellular service.

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