Is It Necessary to Stretch Your Face Skin When You Shave?

Almost every man who shaves has a different style that he has developed to suit his preferences. Shaving is almost an art form as it is called- the Art of Shaving. Quite often, men stretch their facial skin while shaving with a manual blade.

The question is, do you need to do the same with an electric razor? Does stretching give a better shave at all?

The answer to your question

Yes, stretching the skin does yield better results even with electric razors. No matter whether you turn your face or hold the skin taut while shaving, you need to make sure you hold your razor at the right angle to get a better result. The act of turning your face to be seen in the mirror properly can cause the skin to become taut to a degree.

There are a few reasons why the skin needs to be taut. For the older shaver, there is a need to flatten out wrinkles to allow for a better shave. Some men have hair that lays flat or grows in different directions. Holding the skin taut makes these hairs stand up a little, thus exposing them to the blades.

Anyone who’s read the instructions that come with electric razors would know that stretching the skin is recommended by the razor’s manufacturer. The key here is to stretch the skin gently as too much stretching can contribute to razor burns.

Not everyone should stretch their skin

If you are prone to ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin then stretching your skin may not be the best option. Doing this while shaving can sometimes leave the skin more vulnerable to irritation and razor bumps. Stretching the skin gives a closer shave and this is what can cause problems for those who have sensitive skin, razor bump problems or ingrown hairs. If you are one of those people then don’t stretch your skin while shaving.

While it is very unlikely to get razor cuts while using an electric razor, razor burn is still a possibility. For this reason, it is not recommended to stretch your skin too much regardless of what skin type you have. More stretching doesn’t mean a closer shave. You can get down to the skin level only so there is no need to do anything besides a light stretching.

Maintain your shaver properly

It’s also very important to properly maintain your shaver in order to get a close shave. However, stretching your skin will not help much if your razor has not been maintained properly. Clean your shaver after every use even if you just run it under water and let it dry. After every 2-3 shaves, you should pull the razor apart and clean it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before putting the parts back together. Consider whether it needs oiling while you have it apart and do that if required.

While shaving, take note of what you do to make your skin taut and modify it if you need to for getting the closest shave that you can. Practice with the technique to find what suits you best.

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