Why Is My Nest Camera Going Offline? [SOLVED]

Google Nest cameras are fantastic, but, like any other piece of equipment, they can occasionally fail to perform as expected.

I’ve discovered that my Nest camera will occasionally fail to connect to the internet via WiFi.

I’m going to assist you in checking for every possible problem so that you can fix this at home on your initiative.

What is causing my Nest camera to go offline? [SOLVED]

The most likely cause of your Google Nest camera going offline is a problem with the WiFi connection. Check your router or contact your internet service provider for assistance if necessary. It is also possible that the camera is not connected, that it is overheating, or that the WiFi settings are incompatible with the camera.

However, while it is usually simple to resolve this issue, you may need to check a few different things before determining what is causing the Nest camera to become unresponsive.

I’ll take you through all of the possible solutions so that you can figure out how to solve this problem.

WiFi Connection Issues

While the problem may be with the camera itself, I recommend that you check your WiFi connection first because it is the most frequently encountered problem.

Several issues with your WiFi could be the result of a combination of factors. I’m going to assist you in identifying the most common ones so that you can get your Nest camera back up and running once more.

Restart the router if necessary.

This is the quickest and most straightforward solution, so I recommend starting here.

Turn off your router, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on again.

While this may appear to be a simple solution, I’ve found that it resolves the majority of my WiFi issues at home.

Allow for a minute or two for the router to come up to speed.

I also recommend taking out your phone, connecting to WiFi, and loading a random website to ensure that everything is working properly.

Check the Nest app to see if the camera is connected to the internet.

Contact your Internet Service Provider.

If restarting the router did not solve the problem, contact your internet service provider. Sometimes the problem is more serious and requires more extensive intervention.

I’ve discovered that they are frequently able to correct problems on their end that I would not be able to correct.

The representative should be able to troubleshoot and correct this issue in a matter of minutes, even though hold times may be lengthy.

Check your WiFi connection to ensure it is operational, and then check the Nest app.

Wi-Fi Configuration

Devices that are not properly connected to the router may be prevented from connecting by incorrect WiFi settings.

This is usually caused by a firewall or parental controls that you have enabled.

Please double-check the settings of your firewall to ensure that it is not preventing the Nest camera from connecting to your router.

This is most likely to occur when you first receive the camera, but it can also occur if your firewall has recently been updated.

Parental controls and child protection are the same things. They may, on occasion, prevent unknown devices from connecting to a router’s wireless network.

Check your parental controls to see if any of them is preventing the camera from connecting to the internet.

Incompatible routers

Another issue that could arise is that your router is incompatible with the Nest learning thermostat.

This isn’t usually a problem for most people’s homes, but let me walk you through the list of incompatible routers just to make sure you’re aware of what’s out there.

Nest products, according to Google, do not work with captive portal networks or enterprise network environments.

Captive portals are commonly found in airports, stores, and hotels, among other locations.

These are networks in which you must first sign up for a service through a website before you can receive a signal.

Enterprise networks are those that are connected to a company’s network.

They are typically connected to a network using the 802.1x or Radius protocols.

These are incompatible with the Nest thermostat.

The 5GHz routers are the ones that are most likely to cause problems for you. It should be noted that some Nest products, particularly the older models, are only compatible with 2.4GHz networks.

This is largely dependent on the generation of camera you have as well as the specific camera you own. The newer ones are more likely to work at 5GHz.

Check the documentation for your specific camera to find out which routers are incompatible.

Currently out of bounds

Every router has a useful range of operations. This is the distance that the signal can travel.

While some devices may be able to connect outside of this range, they will experience a poor signal quality as a result.

If the camera is located a long distance away from the router, you should consider moving them closer together.

If that isn’t an option, you can purchase a WiFi extender to help you out. These are connected to a power outlet and serve to effectively bounce the router’s signal, allowing it to cover a greater area.

Bandwidth is limited.

The Nest camera, like any other wireless device, requires sufficient bandwidth to function properly.

If your bandwidth is limited, the camera will be unable to establish a connection with the network.

Disconnecting other devices from the network may be an option. This should increase available bandwidth.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to contact your internet service provider and request a more powerful internet connection to resolve it.

Problems with the camera

When it comes to WiFi connection issues, the most common cause is a problem with the wireless network itself. However, issues with the camera can also cause this.

If you’ve tried everything to fix your WiFi and your camera is still having issues, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Even though there is a chance that you will have to replace the camera, the reality is that you can usually correct this problem if you are willing to put in the necessary effort. The majority of these steps are straightforward.

Simply go through the process of checking everything one by one until you identify the root of the problem.

Concerns Regarding Power

The most likely reason for this is that the camera is either not plugged in or is experiencing electrical problems.

To begin, check the power outlet and make sure that the camera is properly plugged into it. If it is not turned on, it will not receive a wireless signal.

If it’s unplugged, simply plug it back in and check the Nest app for any errors.

The problem becomes more serious if the device is connected to the network.

It’s possible that the current socket isn’t functioning properly; therefore, try another one. There may be a problem with the power brick.

Try switching to a different browser to see if that fixes the problem.


Most of the time, Nest cameras function properly in most temperatures, but if the camera becomes overheated, problems can arise.

Regardless of the temperature, Nest is capable of functioning properly at 32°F to 104°F or up to 40°C.

What happens if the Nest becomes overheated? It will begin to turn off functions to cool down. WiFi is the first feature that should be turned off.

Remove the Nest camera from the wall and give it some time to cool down. Consider relocating it to a location that is cooler or has less direct sunlight exposure.

If you are unable to relocate it, you should consider adding some shade.

This can help to lower the operating temperatures, allowing Nest to continue to function properly.

Obtain the most recent version of the application

It may surprise you to learn that using an outdated Nest app may prevent the camera from connecting to the internet.

The majority of devices are configured to automatically download and install updates. This could occur if the app hasn’t been updated properly, and several new updates have been released since the last time the camera was operational.

The quickest and most straightforward solution is to go to your app marketplace and update the app.

You could also try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app to see if that helps.

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