Is the Bose SoundLink Mini Waterproof? [Solved]

The marvelous Bluetooth speakers available on the market today can perform a wide range of functions, including the ability to connect to nearby Bluetooth-compatible devices with the push of a button, the generation of crystal clear, high-fidelity audio in a variety of acoustic settings, and the convenience of being able to fit easily into the majority of travel bags.

One thing that not all of them are capable of doing, however, is becoming wet while still maintaining their normal functions. Even if a certain speaker has an incredible sound, there are situations when only exposing it to an excessive amount of moisture is enough to render it completely inoperable.

What about one of Bose’s most successful products, the SoundLink Mini? Is this best-selling portable sound system compatible with fluids, or is it just a warranty that’s ready to be terminated waiting to happen?

Is the Bose SoundLink Mini Waterproof?

Sadly, the answer is no. The Bose SoundLink Mini (as well as its improved successor, the Mini II) is not water-resistant in any way, which is a fact that is made abundantly clear in the product description on the Bose website. Despite its sturdiness and quality of construction, the SoundLink Mini cannot be used in the shower.

If you want to be able to listen to music while you’re in the shower or by the pool, you should probably look into purchasing a different kind of speaker since getting one of these devices wet will almost certainly cause it to break.

Don’t Let a Lack of Water Resistance Deter You

It would be irresponsible to dismiss the SoundLink Mini based on a single design defect, even if that flaw were substantial but ultimately ignorable.

Although this specific model in Bose’s Bluetooth-enabled portfolio is not waterproof, there is a good reason why it consistently obtains four and five stars from customers who have purchased it. Continue reading to learn more about the various benefits of the speaker, as well as how to preserve it from damage caused by moisture if you decide to purchase one for yourself.

The Case for the SoundLink Mini

Firms like UE, Sonos, and JBL are recognized for manufacturing hydrophilic speakers that can be used in a variety of environments, however, Bose is not one of these companies. On the other hand, they are well-known for manufacturing some of the listening devices that are considered to be the finest available on the market, bar none.

What is it about Bose speakers that makes them so exceptional? The consistent dedication of the organization to recording sound of the greatest quality that is humanly achievable. You might argue that the engineers at Bose have one-track minds, but their dedication has certainly paid off, as the brand is one of the most renowned and trusted suppliers of audio equipment in the world. [citation needed]

In many respects, the SoundLink Mini exemplifies how Bose’s vision can be reduced to its purest form. The Mini II is just 2.1 inches high, 7.1 inches wide, and 2.3 inches deep; nonetheless, it delivers a heavyweight punch with booming bass, sharp high-end notes, and a powerful middle that naturally brings the two extremes together.

In addition to this, the speaker can produce sound even at very high levels without suffering from any discernible degradation in its overall quality. That is a feature that stands on its own as a remarkable enough accomplishment. However, it should also make it theoretically feasible for you to listen to your preferred music or podcasts on a SoundLink Mini while you are participating in activities that include water.

The only thing that would be required of you would be to position the device in a location where it would not be in danger of coming into touch with any accidental spills, splashes, or sprays, and then turn up the volume until it could be heard clearly from a considerable distance. Problem fixed.

What Happens When You Get a Bose SoundLink Mini Wet?

In general, the potential effect that water will have on a speaker that is not water-resistant is directly proportionate to the amount of time that the speaker spends submerged in water.

If, for example, you were to accidentally spill a few drops of your morning coffee on the speaker or place it too near to the sink while you were washing the dishes, there probably wouldn’t be any severe effects as a result of either of those accidents.

It seems likely that the metal shell, which covers four of the speaker’s six sides, is sufficient to prevent even such minute quantities of liquid from penetrating and damaging the sensitive electrical components that are housed within. Assuming that the water did not enter any of the input ports or the sound holes themselves, there is a good chance that the device would not have been damaged in any way if it had been submerged in water.

However, this could not be the case if there is a complete leak or if the area is completely submerged. In any one of these circumstances, a deluge of water coming in would very likely cause the speaker to short out, or at least, cause it to malfunction.

Typical examples of malfunctions include (but are not limited to) playing that is distorted or muffled, a noise that crackles continuously, a loss of Bluetooth connection, or an inability to change or react to human input. It would be unfortunate to have problems of this kind with a speaker that has received as widespread praise as the SoundLink Mini, therefore it is in your best interest to avoid playing with fire.

Does the SoundLink Mini’s Warranty Cover Water Damage?

It is important to note that the basic warranty agreement offered by Bose does not cover damage that is suffered as a result of improper usage or maintenance, nor does it cover damage that is incurred as a result of accidents. If we put this another way, if you were to purchase one of their speakers and then continue to get it wet, you would not be entitled to a free repair or replacement under their warranty.

How to Safeguard Your SoundLink Mini From Water Damage

To begin, whenever you are using your SoundLink Mini near any form of liquid, you will need to exercise an increased level of caution.

Never position the speaker near a body of open water or a container of water. This includes sinks, showers, and toilets, in addition to any other location where water may freely flow. Your best chance is to install your speaker in an area that is relatively dry, such as your bedroom, office, living room, or lounge area, and to avoid moving it unless you are going to another similarly dry location.

In addition, anytime you are drinking anything that has the potential to spill, you should keep a safe distance from the speaker. One accidental step is all it takes to convert a top-of-the-line speaker that cost $200 into a useless piece of the paperweight.

If you do manage to get any water on your speaker, dry it off as soon as possible using a towel that is soft and absorbent, and then transfer it to a location where it will be exposed to a lot of airflows. It is hoped that the combination of fast reactions and considerable air drying would prevent any harm from becoming permanent.

Waterproof Alternatives to the Bose SoundLink Mini

Are you looking for a Bose Bluetooth speaker that is portable and made to withstand wet environments? The SoundLink Micro or the SoundLink Color II is hardly the worst choices you could make in this situation.

Both of these models have been constructed in such a way that they can tolerate being exposed to moderate amounts of water, and both of them sound almost as well as the SoundLink Mini. However, even they cannot be entirely submerged in water and maintain their original tone when they speak.

The most important thing to take away from this is that, in general, water and Bose speakers do not get along very well.

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