Is The iPad Mini Worth Getting?

With Apple’s many products available on the market, consumers have an abundance of options.

Whether you prefer an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you have many options.

When it comes to the iPad mini, is it worthwhile to purchase it?

Does the iPad Mini deserve your attention?

If you need a small device, then the iPad Mini is worth considering. There are 10 hours of battery life in the latest version, as well as Center Stage and 5G capabilities. These functions are incorporated into the iPad mini. This model does, however, cost $500. Despite its small size, the iPad mini is a powerful device.

It is a good device with many features that still require some learning.

This article will provide a review of the iPad Mini, to show whether it is worth the price to purchase.

The iPad Mini as perceived by buyers

Here is a look at what our customers have to say about us.

Aspects to consider

Overall, the iPad Mini has been well received, and the new iPad mini (6th generation) in 2021 has all the latest bells and whistles that users, for the most part, have appreciated.


Let’s start by discussing the size.

Doctors and pilots were the target market for Apple’s iPad Mini, and its size between an iPhone and a standard-sized iPad is ideal in these situations.

The iPad mini might appeal to you even if you are not a pilot flying through the air or a doctor saving lives.

Because the device has a slightly larger screen than an iPhone, you do not have to hold it so close to your face when scrolling through Instagram, and you do not have to carry your laptop when you want to watch a show.

Honestly, if the size is not a concern to you, you might be better served by just purchasing a regular iPad.

Touch identification

There has been a significant change to the iPad mini 2021 in that Touch ID has been moved to the sleep/wake button.

Your finger rests on the unlock button to unlock the device.

Masks have effectively destroyed Face ID, making this feature extremely popular with consumers.

Touch ID solves the glitches caused by Face ID before the pandemic.


Without a round Touch ID button on the edge of the device, the iPad mini’s display extends almost to the edges of the device, which makes maximum use of the screen’s space.

There is still enough bezel or border for users to hold it in their hand without it covering too much of the screen.

This device is still large enough to watch movies on, which is well received by users.

In addition, the device enables full-screen use without a lot of that black background.

Design that is sleek and contemporary

Its sleek, thin, and light design has been a favorite among consumers.

The iPad Mini has a squared appearance rather than rounded edges, which is similar to that of the iPad Pro and Air.

Space Grey, Pink, Purple, and Starlight are the available colors.

Space Grey and Start Light have been popular for a long time and are among the most popular colors.

Interestingly, the pink color is similar to the Rose Gold color of the iPhone.

On the other hand, purple is quite bold and fun.

The worst features of the software

Despite the iPad mini’s great features, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with its functionality.

It is not realistic to expect a mini device to perform in the same manner as a full-sized one.

Quality of display

The display has been criticized by users.

Yes, the edge-to-edge screen is extremely convenient, but the quality isn’t quite outstanding.

Both the M1 Pro Max Macbook as well as the Pro Max iPhone 13 have exceptionally large displays.

You cannot expect that from the mini.

The new size of the display appears to be causing Apple to work out a few minor kinks as some aspects are being cut off or sized incorrectly because of the new size.


There have been some rumors that the screen is not as bright as it should be.

Although this might not be an issue if you are planning on using the iPad mini in the office or from your couch, if you intend to use the device outdoors, you may not be satisfied with the results.

The screen brightness is often kept as high as possible even by users who use their mini primarily indoors.

It is important to consider the battery life of the device, which brings us to the next point.

The life expectancy of batteries

For a device of this size, battery life is not outstanding.

The specifications indicate that the mini will have 10 hours of battery life before requiring a charging cable, which is the same as most iPad models.

Some users suggest that they would prefer a slightly longer battery life over some of the thinness.

Nevertheless, if you were to compare the iPad mini with a device such as an M1 Pro Max Macbook or a Pro Max iPhone 13, you would likely be disappointed.

Touch identification

Despite the generally positive user response to Touch ID, some people aren’t enthusiastic about using the Touch ID button as Touch ID because if you apply too much pressure while opening the device, it will lock.

A further complaint is that you must still swipe up after resting your finger on the Touch ID button, which is extremely repetitive.

Personal preference may be the deciding factor in this feature.

The following complaints have been received

There is no support for multiuser accounts on the iPad 2, which seems absurd for such a high-priced device.

There is no headphone jack on the iPad mini, and it is only compatible with Bluetooth headphones.

Even though this isn’t a major issue for most buyers, it does deter consumers who believed that the iPad mini would be ideal for kids.

iPad Mini Price

For iPad mini models with Wi-Fi, the price starts at $499, while the comparable 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,099 for the Wi-Fi models.

As is the case with Apple products, the price varies according to the amount of storage.

There is no question that the iPad mini is not merely a small iPad.

You will not save money by purchasing a mini iPad rather than a 12″ iPad.

The smaller the item, the more expensive it is. The iPad mini is, however, the largest Apple could make at this size.

Apple’s iPad mini is equipped with the absolute best technology, so if you do not wish to compromise on technical features, then this is the product for you.

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