Lawn Mower Vs Trimmer 2022

Looking to get your lawn a brand new look with a fresh cut? You can use both a lawnmower as well as a trimmer to get the job done. This post discusses and compares the different features of both accessories and which one would be best according to the job you’re looking to get done. 

Before starting with the comparison, it is important to understand that both of these have unique purposes. While the mower is used to cut most of the grass in your backyard, the trimmer is used to pick up the leftovers of the mower. 

Use this post of “lawnmower vs trimmer” to educate yourself about the differences between the two, not to decide which one to get over the other. Both have distinct functions, can boost your work, and can increase efficiency by a large margin.

Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers are usually very cheap and are light on the wallet. They come in different models, like zero turn lawn mower, Riding lawnmowers, have low maintenance costs, and last longer than other accessories. They do not make a lot of noise either; if you intend to mow the lawn during the day when everyone’s asleep, go ahead! They probably can’t hear much. 

However, the mowers tend to stumble and tangle over cables lying around. They can also quickly damage those cables by cuts and scratches. The power is also shorter than expected so you must have an electric switch in the backyard. 


Trimmers allow you to work for hours. They’re not so heavy and the tank has enough capacity to keep the motor running for a few hours. It sharply cuts grass and allows you to trim small bushes around the lawn and shape them as well. 

On the other hand, trimmers are powered by oil. Not only does this cause the motor to generate noise pollution, but it also releases fumes that are harmful to health.

Lawn Mowers Vs Trimmers 

  • Sufficiency

If you’re looking to keep the grass length equal throughout the backyard, a lawnmower is the one you need. Though it is bulky and you’d need to grip it firmly, you’ll notice how effective it is. 

On the other hand, the mower cannot get the edges of the trees and the corners of your lawn. This is where the trimmer comes in. It will quickly and precisely cut the grass thanks to the sharp plastic blades. 

  • Durability

Lawnmowers are mostly made of plastic while the small parts are made of metal. Both materials have been proven to last longer than any other, proving that the mower would last for years. 

In contrast, the trimmer has blades made of plastic that lose their sharpness over time. You would need to regularly replace the blades to ensure the longevity of the device. 

Taking care of your accessories should be your utmost priority. If you don’t regularly maintain and look after your tools, even the most rigid and strongly-built products will prove to have a short life. 

Both lawn mowers and trimmers are effective when it comes to cutting the grass on your lawns. The best way is to first run a mower across the entire lawn and follow up with a trimmer to cut down anything missed. 

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