LED vs. Projection TV vs. Plasma TV – Which is the Best 2022

Want to buy the ‘Flat screen TV”  but if you do not know where to start or what you should consider buying. We have gathered all the complaints and suggestions for buying a flat-screen TV. This will allow you to choose correctly and needs.

Many people still do not know how to buy a TV screen. So I want to suggest general guidelines to consider when buying a flat-screen TV efficient and effective -.

To buy a flat-screen TV or the TV series In the future, we are in an era of flat-screen TVs. Whether it’s an LCD TV. Any plasma or LCD. Because many manufacturers have stopped production on the TV – flat-screen TV you should buy. It would be appropriate? Size flat-screen TV.

There should be no smaller than 21 inches (65 cm), and if you should have a 32 inch (80 cm) 16:9 LCD TV should be due to the width of the flat-screen TV is wider than the TV. Common screen size is the size of your room should be determined to put that on TV. Fits the TV screen to buy or not.

The distance between the screen and the audience should be between 5-7 times the heights of the TV screen if the TV has a 32 inch, which will have a height of 60 cm distance between the screen and the audience should be at least 3 meters.

Viewing Distances:

tv viewing distance

Screen Size Viewing distance from the TV
Minimum Maximum




























Projection TVPlasma TVLCD TV or LED TV 

Front Projection TV or home, we called Projector:


Has unleashed the big picture in the cinema to see 100 inches (the distance from the Projector) good quality excellent contrast.


No built-in TV tuner, refer to the Projector Display only. If you do not like it like origin, Computer, DVD player DVD, Blue Ray or TV tuner, it does not display anything.

– Must be viewed in a dark room alone. I see a light in the living room window, door, do not expect to see it.

– Most of the sound.

– Room is big enough. To get a large size.

– Bulbs are not long (only about 2000 s) if more than 4 hours per day, I need to replace the lamp.

Plasma TV:


– Cheap Price and the picture are bright with contrast.

– The angle of View Width. The picture is shown in the same color in every corner of the view.

– Lifetime average 60,000 times if you watch 4hour a day you can watch more than 40 years (died before lol).


– Reflective screen too.

– Larger and thicker than LCD / LED.

– Power consumption than LCD.

– No small-screen 42-inch screen is the smallest.

– The screen is not as large as Projector, the largest about 60 inches now.

– Not suitable for playing games, or I will make it to the Computer-burn (why? I read below).



– With the same screen size. The TV is thinner.

– Low energy consumption than Plasma.

– Life expectancy for Plasma 60,000 Martyrs of 4 hours per day, so if you have more than 40 years.


– The price is more expensive than Plasma.

– Contrast worse.

– Narrower viewing angle.

– Blurring on the images such as the movie action, watching sports.

– The screen is not as large as Projector, the largest about 60 inches now.


I would call that the LED is correctly be called LED LCD with Backlight is on

– Pros and cons like LCD, but the energy than it is thinner, Contrast better … and more expensive.

  1. TVs on the market now that LED is the same as it is actually a LED Backlight LCD with all you can hope to find the truth, and the LED’s LED if it is true they are called OLED or AMOLED.

To select the TV series ‘LCD’ or ‘plasma’ usually. A screen of any kind, it has many advantages and disadvantages to the difference between buying an LCD or plasma should be taken as the main light in the room, if the room is very bright and no curtains to block the light from the outside. Should You Buy an LCD? But if the room is quite dark, Should You Buy Plasma -.

Flat-screen TV usually has a short lifespan true or not true. The flat-screen TV is shorter than the lifetime of a typical experiment with the use of a flat-screen TV.

This found that last longer than 15 years from the TEST magazine, the Journal of Consumer Protection of Germany then. Did not identify the symptoms that may lead to damage. If the computer is.

Used to the detriment of the flat-screen TV or flat-screen TV medium. With the length of the diagonal of the screen, 32 inches (80 cm) is used to power the average electricity consumption of 130 watts with a flat-screen TV is typically between 108 to 160 watts, depending on the size of the TV screen, LCD screen saves more power than plasma.

If the projected image on the LCD with a consistent and steady like the news or propaganda power of television is based on adjusting the brightness and contrast of the screen – with the possibility or not.

The images acquired and flat-screen TVs. I do not like to shop and contrast? Possible. Although the technology of flat-panel TVs will be sharper than the typical TV mode. But what is to be learned. The sharpness of the images on TV.

Depending on the size of the Pixel (Pixel 1024×768 size is the right size), the signal is sent to the effect that as well. It has to be conscious of Pixel on the TV in our home are buying a flat-screen TV with FULL HD (Size of Pixel 1920×1080), the TV transmitters in Thailand to support this technology so that it is not sharp. Clear. Unlike movies from DVDs.

The flat-screen TVs will be cheaper and better quality than this or is true of electronics manufacturing. New technologies in the future. Will result in a better quality of products, so buying a flat-screen TV may need to keep track of the latest news. Going out. If new products come out. Older items are a cheaper initial test. Buying a flat-screen TV in the store tips.

  1. Observed in the showroom. Typically, the light is brighter than in the showroom in our home. If possible, ask the salesperson can reduce the brightness of the lights.
  2. Observed from TV. You can see that the makeup of the host. Can clearly see how.
  3. Should buy the DVD movie to your favorites. The observations focused on dark scenes. I can see clearly or not.
  4. Observe the brightness of the image on the plasma screen TV. The brightness of the image is not sufficient. The image on the LCD screen. It should be noted that the picture is clear or not. When viewed from different angles.
  5. Never forget that sound from the speakers. Like us or not.


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