Magnetic Phone Mount: The Best Gadget For Your Smartphone

Smartphones are always better protected or accessorized. Buying a phone case always comes with having a smartphone. Having useful gadgets for your smartphones such as car mounts, holders, earphones, cables, and many others is better than not having them. 

Not only are handy gadgets useful, but it is always fun having them around. It is also very easy to find them. You can purchase them in stores, and even online, like in DHgate.

Let us talk about the wonders of magnetic phone mount, other useful handy gadgets for your smartphone, and why they are a must.

Best Magnetic Phone Mount in DHgate

Imagine life without having your phone beside you? Terrifying, right? That is why most companies have created many useful gadgets you can use in order for you to conveniently bring your phone anywhere. One of them is the magnetic phone mount. With this gadget, you no longer struggle to take a peek at your phone whenever there is an emergency. Found below are the top-selling cheap phone accessories you will find online. 

1. Strong Magnetic Car Holder Air Vent Mount 360 Degree Rotation

This universal magnetic holder creates an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone and tablet. Furthermore, it is universal so it can be used in any smartphone and is made of plastic and metal. It is very easy to install and quick to remove. Within a split second, you can easily get your cell phone with one hand on and off the magnetic plate. The magnetic field is also 100% safe so it does not interfere with your navigation and does not harm your device.

2. 2017 Universal Air Vent Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder

This one can also be used in any smartphone and comes in adorable colors. It is made of aluminum and silicone and is very reliable in holding your phone while you are in the car.

3. Strong Magnetic Car Holder

This phone holder has 360 degrees rotation feature that is perfect for on-the-go individuals. Just simply clip it onto any air vent-vertically, horizontally or at an angle, and the rubber grip on the magnetic surface will offer extra protection.

4. MagnetIc Car Phone Holder

This one is very reliable due to its strong magnet and has 360 angle rotation that can position in any orientation (horizontal or vertical. It has 2 metal plates: one round plate for non-removable battery doors (stick onto the back of the phone), and has a thin plate for removable battery doors (place in between battery and battery door) Don’t forget to wipe the dashboards or where you stick the adhesive that sticks stable.

4. Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder

This one is safe and firm with built-in 4 powerful magnets. Its materials are ABS and aluminum alloy. Aside from its durability and excellent quality, you also get to choose the color.

Reasons Why You Should Install A Car Mount

  1. Seeing the Screen Better

With your phone mounted, you can have an eye level vision of your phone screen so you no longer have to look down whenever you need to glance at your phone.

  1. Easier Music Access

You no longer have to hold your phone with your other hand to scroll on the song that you want to play while driving. With a magnetic phone mount, you can place the phone in front of you so that you can play the music of your choice using voice commands. 

  1. Better Use of GPS

If you install a magnetic phone mount on your dashboard, it will be easier for you to see the GPS navigator and get to your destination safely.

  1. Eliminating Distractions

Once conveniently placed, the driver will be able to play music, answer or make phone calls, without looking around or even holding the phone, as most smartphones come powered with AI-driven voice-activated assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.

  1. Improved Hearing

Without a magnetic phone mount, you’ll have a hard time balancing between your shoulder and your ear in order to drive properly. This can even result in your phone slipping from your hand. Once it slips, you’ll have to pick it up while driving putting you at risk.

Other Awesome Handy Smartphone Gadgets

Digital Highlighter

This gadget serves as a highlighter, but it’s way better because it aids in storing the portions of the text you want to highlight in a digital form. So it truly is much for conventional highlighters!

Tool Case

Are you a multitasker? Then this is for you. Trust me when I say this will be your favorite gadget. It is perfect if you need to cut or open something anytime, anywhere.


Why settle on an old-school thermometer if you can use a digital one? Use your smartphone and this excellent gadget to monitor the temperature of nearly anything.

Game Controller

Are you a gamer? Well, you will love this! This game controller can be your partner in battling all the enemies on your smartphone’s screen!


A smartphone projector, what?! This is completely cool for those who likes streaming movies and TV shows on a small screen. Transform the wall in your room into a movie cinema  with this amazing gadget!

Activity Tracker

This activity tracker resembles a brooch, but it benefits you a lot by tracking how active you’ve been throughout the day. Awesome, right?

Smart Flowerpot

If you fancy growing plants, then this smart pot is what you’re looking for. It will notify you when to water your plant and if it wants extra sunshine. It is an awesome idea to make your house greener.

Alcohol Checker

This is helpful for police officers, and people who like to drink occasionally and want to stay healthy will need this. An alcohol level checker is definitely a must!

Selfie Flash Lights

These are perfect for vloggers or for those who just love taking selfies. Not only are these beauty or photo quality enhancers, but also very useful when you want to take photos in a dark place or at night time.

Smartphone Sterilizer

We know how unhygienic smartphones are so, this gadget is a must. Say goodby to bacteria with this smartphone sterilizer.

Portable Charger

You no longer have to bring all those cables with you anywhere you go. This portable charger will be perfect and is hassle-free!

Card Reader and Flash Stick

This two in one card reader and flash stick will change your office game. If you need to transfer files from your phone to your laptop, this is a must-have!

Smartphone with keyboard projector

One of the best due to its portability and convenience. This keyboard projector will make it easier for you to encode your office and school reports and other documents using your phone.

Microscope Photo Gadget

Capturing photos using your smartphone has attained a new level: micro-level. This microscopic photography gadget will assist you with that!

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