Moen Vs. Delta – Which Brand of Kitchen Faucet is Best?

Researching well about the type of furniture you want in your house is crucial and so is researching about faucets. Since your kitchen is among the most visited spots in your home, you need to equip it with high-quality products and your faucet is one of them.

For the most reliable products, you look for the best companies. The two best kitchen faucet brands are Moen and Delta. The two have been recently leading the industry and are in tough competition against each other. Let’s look at the features that might make one brand superior to the other.

Moen vs. Delta Kitchen Faucets

Use of Technology

Both brands have fully equipped their products with the right technologies. For instance, you can turn on or off the Delta kitchen faucets with any body part if your hands are engaged. Another fantastic feature is the jet water stream that scrubs off leftover food stains and particles on your plate. To prevent splashing from such a powerful water stream, Delta has used water shields inside the faucet. Delta also provides a temperature-sensing technology that informs you of the water temperature before even opening the faucet through its colored lights.

Moen faucets allow you to turn them on and off by moving your hands near the base of the faucet. Moen also offers powerful cleaning by allowing 50% more powerful water flow. Although the two brands bring similar technology convenience, Delta seems to win this ground.

Price Ranges

The products of both brands are easily available online and in brick and mortar shops. Moen faucets have a price range of about $80 to $700, while the price range for Delta is $75 to $585.


Moen warranty is a limited lifetime warranty that does not cover the electronic aspects of the faucets. Delta’s warranty is no different. Both companies offer separate warranties for electronic parts.

Designs and Finish

When it comes to designing, Moen is simply the most stunning. It has released some exceptionally sleek and eye-catching designs. Although Delta too has introduced awesome designs, Moen still wins the ground.  

Regarding the finishing of the faucets, Moen has a wide range of classic colors. The five most common ones are brushed bronze, ivory, stainless steel, chrome, and metal. However, Delta offers an even wider range, including classical as well as modern finishes.

Variety of Models

There are different kinds of kitchen themes and setups. They require an equal variety of faucets to fit them. Moen offers around 173 models of kitchen faucets, whereas Delta offers 106 models. Therefore, Moen offers you a better variety to choose from.

Wrap Up

Choosing one of the two brands is quite tough as they are in strong competition. However, in light of the points mentioned above, Delta seems to be a reasonable choice because it offers more features for a lower price range. Moen is a great option for those who can afford it.  

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