11 Must Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories At Your Home

An essential part of kitchen remodeling is adding accessories to your cabinets. It will enhance the space in your cabinets and make your kitchen more organized. A kitchen must be accessible. When you add cabinet accessories, everything stays in its place, and you need to make the least movements. Thus, one can focus on cooking, which matters the most.

Essential kitchen cabinet accessories

Here are some of the must-have kitchen cabinet accessories that can make your kitchen highly functional. 

  • Pantries

Pantries are very much in trend these days. After installing pantries, you will have a specific place to keep all your jars, cans, and dry goods. You get different choices with cabinet pantries. 

For a traditional look, you can go for a chef’s pantry, or you can use a roll-out pantry for more convenience. With cabinet pantries, there is no need to rush to a different room to grab any cooking ingredient; it’s all in your kitchen.

  • Pull-out base cabinets

For people with smaller space in their kitchen, pull-out base cabinets are very efficient. These work like a micro pantry. You can get everything easily and utilize all the available space in your kitchen. 

It will also provide you a more organized set of cabinets. Moreover, these cabinets have a good height, so you can keep all your mixing bowls, baking trays, large pots, and pans without any hassle.

  • Stepping stool

Sometimes we cannot reach or see the top drawers of our kitchen cabinets. Dust and waste keep piling up there. Pull-out cabinet stools are very useful if you want to reach that inaccessible part of your cabinet. Thus, you can use the upper drawers with ease. As it is a pull-out stool, it will not block much cabinet space.

  • Spice drawer

It is a compact drawer where you can keep all your spices. This slide-out spice drawer will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. When you are adding flavorings to your food, having everything in a narrow sliding drawing can enhance your cooking efficiency and save time. 

You can also keep your spice jars, oil cans, vinegar bottles, and other flavorings in the drawer for easy accessibility. Adding two spice cabinets on each side of your kitchen stove is very popular in modern kitchens.

  • Cabinet for mixers

Having a mixer is essential for every kitchen. It saves time and adds efficiency to cooking. But, mixers take up significant space on the kitchen counter. If you do not have a spacious counter, you need to move it around the kitchen. 

These appliances are not that light to carry around. That is why having a drawer for the mixer will be very useful. With customized cabinets for your kitchen, you can also add a lifting hinge to enhance its accessibility

  • Corner cabinets

Most of the time, the corners of our kitchens are oddly shaped. If you want to use the whole space, you can use different types of shelves fitting the corner. Carousel shelves can be installed in such corners. You can also use blind pull-out shelves to use the cabinet space. 

  • Towel cabinet

Towels do not go with the vibe of a modern kitchen. No matter how clean it is, kitchen towels do not look good on display. But, we need towels to keep the kitchen clean or hold a hot tray. Installing a pull-out drawer for the towels will be the best solution. Thus, you can use the towels whenever you need them, and they will not ruin the elegance of your kitchen set.

  • Wastebasket 

Having waste cans in your kitchen cabinet proves to be very useful. After cooking, you need to dispose of the waste somewhere. So, you can add two waste cans to a pull-out cabinet. Though this may take some space, waste cans are essential for every kitchen. You can use one for dry waste and one for wet goods.

  • Drawers with dividers

Having a drawer for all your spoons, forks, and knives is one of the essential parts of a kitchen cabinet. By using a divider, you can keep everything separate. The dividers keep the drawers organized so that you can find everything easily. 

  • Tray dividers

Tray dividers keep all your trays separated and neat. You can put each tray in a divider and pull that out easily. Usually, the dividers are kept near the stove for easy accessibility. You can also place them above your kitchen stove.

  • Peg system

If you have traditional drawers, pegs are a must for you. They will keep all your plates and bowls in their place. As they are easily adjustable, they are suitable for every plate and bowl. 


These are some of the must-have accessories for your kitchen cabinet. After installing these accessories, your cabinets will look spacious and organized. It also lets you fully utilize your kitchen space. When a kitchen is super equipped and accessorized, you enjoy cooking thoroughly, and each meal tastes heavenly.

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