Why Does My Apple Watch Tell Me to Breathe? [Explained!]

Just after you are seated for five minutes after taking a brisk walk, your Apple Watch begins telling you to breathe.

You are already breathing, aren’t you? Take a moment to consider this. 

You appear to be quite relaxed, but… are you?

How Does My Apple Watch Tell Me to Breathe? …[Explored.]

If your Apple Watch detects that you are taking too long between breaths, it will prompt you to breathe. The default setting of this feature is ‘on’, but can be toggled off. Apple-designed it in such a way that it was intended to help you relax and focus on your breathing.

Apple Watches have this feature for a reason – and that is to remind you to breathe during times of tension, anxiety, and when you get lost in your workout. 

It can also be used in yoga and meditation to help guide your breathing and provide a sense of centering. Do you find this feature annoying at times? Yes. 

If you spend hours on end in front of your computer, typing endlessly into the night or day, does it disrupt your workflow? I cannot speak from my own experience, but it certainly can. 

Does it become yet another thing you have to deal with? Certainly.

Does it warrant being switched on? How will it be triggered? Does it have the potential to exacerbate your stress levels if it goes off? 

Does it make sense to tell the user to breathe when they are shoveling food down their throats?

You might benefit from the “breathe” function if you do not mind receiving some random reminders throughout the day reminding you to breathe.

The reason Apple created this alert for the Apple Watch and how you can turn it off when you do not want to receive it is explained below.

How does the Breathe app work?

The Breathe application is not activated by anger, stress, or holding your breath in any way, contrary to popular belief. 

You are being reminded to use the Breathe app – which is web-based, by the way – and perform some deep breathing exercises.

When this reminder is triggered, you will be reminded to move whenever you have sat still for at least five minutes. 

The computer program is designed to allow you to find 60-second intervals during which you can engage in deep breathing. 

It is recommended that you take seven slow, deep, relaxing breaths in those 60 seconds.

When you are stressed, does your Apple Watch remind you to breathe?

It is not the Apple Watch’s intention to point out to you that you are stressed when it detects that you have been sitting still for a long period ofperiodly alerts you when it detects that you have been sitting still and could benefit from a minute of deep breathing. 

Would this reduce your stress levels? Possibly. 

This device is not designed to go off every time that it is that you are under duress and need to take a breath.

What is the best way to disable Breathe alerts?

It is incorporated into the Health app and tracks breathing data as part of the app’s Mindfulness feature. 

You may turn this feature off if you are not interested in keeping it activated – for example if it is distracting you at work. 

To turn off the Breathe alerts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Select the My Watch option.
  2. Select Breathe.
  3. Select how often you would like to receive reminders from Breathe Reminders.
  4. You can choose whether to receive notifications by tapping Allow Notifications, Turn off Notifications, or Send to Notification Center.

Does Bbreathinghelp with asthma or stress?

The act of breathing is not designed to alleviate stress, asthma, or any other health issue. 

Physical therapy or medication should continue to be used as necessary. 

The act of breathing and relaxing in times of stillness may be a helpful reminder.

breathing helpful for meditation or yoga?

The Breathe feature can be useful if you regularly practice meditation or yoga to learn how to take longer, deeper breaths. 

It should not be considered a replacement for your yoga or meditation practices, but it may be able to complement them.

Closing Thoughts

Breathe is just one of the useful health-related features of the Apple Watch.

It may initially appear intrusive, but it isn’t intended to be so. 

The good news is that you can turn it off whenever you like. 

It is perfectly acceptable to leave it on for just a minute or two for deep breathing and connecting with your body and breath.

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