My iPhone ring/silent switch is stuck on mute, how can I turn on sound?

When your iPhone’s ring/silent switch stops working, it can be frustrating. In some cases, the solution is as simple and straightforward – like getting a little grease on there to fix things up again! But in other cases you might need more specialized tools or know-how before being able to get back up and running smoothly again with just one quick repair:

One example would include if someone had changed out their battery without doing any additional research first; these people often report noises coming from around where we put our phones when they’re charging (a sign something may have shifted). Another situation involves resetting an enabled mute function by holding down.

There are a few different solutions for fixing an iPhone that’s ringing or muted, but if you need to fix the ring tone on your iDevice and it won’t go away then follow these instructions. You can regain control of your device again by following them carefully!

The solution to fixing your ring/silent switch is available in the form of an app. You can control whether or not it makes noises and what sound will play when you press on that pesky button with this proprietary software, which requires jailbreaking before installation onto iTunes!

In Cydia, navigate to Sections -> Utilities or use the search function to find one of the following apps:

For devices running firmware earlier than iOS 4.0, look for Auto Profiles Manager.

Those with newer iPhones should install Auto Silent.

Although this app will cost around $3 as of this writing, it’s a small price to pay to bring back ringing functionality to your iPhone. Once installed, you can make your iPhone ring again by following these steps:

1. Run the AutoSilent app.

2. Tap Disable iPhone Silent Switch.

3. Touch OK to continue.

Now you have circumvented your broken hardware switch and the iPhone should have normal sounds restored.

Note: Depending on whether or not your switch is stuck in mute or ring mode, enabling or disabling the hardware switch with Auto Silent will toggle the sound on your iPhone!

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