Our Expert Tips on Speeding up Your Slow Laptop

Your laptop might become increasingly slow over time and you may begin to wonder why. Almost all new laptops have this problem, as well as older models, which isn’t always our fault. Manufacturers are sometimes responsible for this issue as well.

Fortunately, repairing your laptop does not always require the services of an expert. You will find all the information you need to make your computer run faster than when you first bought it in this short guide.

What is the reason for the slow performance of my laptop?

Your laptop may be running slowly for a number of reasons. There are some issues that cannot be avoided, such as outdated hardware.

What is new and considered fast in today’s technological world is likely to be painfully slow by standards of the future. 5 years from now, this may be the case. The customization of laptops is notoriously more difficult than that of a desktop, but it is still possible.

At this point in time, you may wish to consider upgrading your laptop.

Slow performance of your laptop can be caused by a number of factors.

Some of these problems cannot be avoided, such as the deterioration of hardware. Technological advances snowball, and what we consider “fast” today will be painfully slow by comparison with the next generation. As early as five years ago, this might have been the case.

In spite of the fact that laptops are notoriously difficult to customize, it is still possible. At this point, it may be prudent to begin thinking about upgrading.

Manufacturers are responsible for slowing down your laptop in many ways, including by filling it with software known as bloatware. Bloatware is software that comes with the machine but serves no functional purpose. In other words, it is there because the manufacturers got paid to do so, not because you wish it to be there.

The majority of laptops in the market today come preloaded with a large number of bloatware programs, some of which are harmless, but can be frustrating, and others that are hazardous to your computer.

Candy Crush Saga provides an example of one that is harmless. Windows Laptops are installed with this game by default. If you do not wish to have the game installed, you should remove it.

Adding these items to your laptop can lead to it becoming slower over time as a result of filling it up with junk.

Bloatware: what is it and how can it be removed?

The biggest way that manufacturers can make your laptop run slowly is by filling it with something called bloatware.

Software that is included but does not provide any benefit is called bloatware. There is no reason for it to be there, other than because the manufacturers were paid to do so. In modern laptops, there is an abundance of bloatware, some of which is harmless but irritating, but others are potentially damaging. Candy Crush Saga serves as an example of bloatware which is harmless.

Despite the fact that you do not want to have this game on your Windows laptop, it is installed by default. If you wish to remove the game, please follow the instructions.

Filling your laptop with junk you don’t need can lead to slower performance over time.

Furthermore, they also frequently include bloatware such as McAfee antivirus software.

The antivirus program is a virus in itself, since it attempts to remove legitimate antivirus software without actually providing any protection. If you go to the task manager on your computer, you will be able to see how much slower it is.

By pressing control, alt, and delete at the same time, this can be accomplished. After pressing the task manager button, this can be completed.

The task manager will show you how much CPU time each program is using.

Despite the fact that it may appear complex, it is rather simple to understand in terms of speed. McAfee may be consuming a substantial percentage of your CPU. For example, if McAfee occupies 30% of your laptop’s memory, that means that this bloatware is using 30% of the computer’s processing power.

In simple terms, this is the reason why your computer runs 30% slower than it should.

Here are some reasons why updating is important:

The software on your laptop may be slightly out of date causing it to run more slowly. By updating the software, you will immediately experience a performance increase.

To start, type updates into the search bar located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Please click “check for updates” and follow the instructions. Your laptop should display an immediate improvement once it has been updated and restarted. In the long run, old software versions will lead to slower performance.

This is partly due to the outdated nature of the software. There are some cases, however, where the manufacturers are intentionally slowing down your laptop in order to make you feel compelled to purchase a new one.

Apple has a difficult relationship with this issue, and they are regularly fined by numerous government agencies.

Declutter your laptop by:

The use of a full laptop, especially a desktop, may result in slower performance. Your laptop has a great deal more files to work with when it is almost full.

It can take a long time to even search your documents for a particular document, since so many documents must be cross-referenced. In addition, you may be running in the background programs that you once used, but have since stopped using.

You can follow the same steps you were following to determine whether McAfee or other bloatware was affecting the speed of your laptop in the same way you were checking for McAfee or other unwanted applications.

It is possible to close or delete these programs.

Keeping your computer running smoothly is ensured by anti-virus software.

It is true that McAfee is a fake antivirus, but there are still some good ones available. One of the most effective and free antivirus programs is Windows Defender.

This can prevent you from downloading malicious programs that could damage your computer as well as significantly slow it down. It is recommended that you uninstall McAfee from your computer, enter Windows Defender in the search bar situated at the bottom left of your taskbar, and follow the installation instructions.

The best way to keep your laptop running smoothly and efficiently is to keep it free of malware.

In conclusion:

I hope you now have a better understanding of why your laptop may be running slowly. Please see below for instructions on how to resolve the issue.

Even older models should still run comfortably and quickly, so it is worthwhile to do a little spring cleaning of your files. In order to accomplish this, you should run Windows defender and remove any malware that may have been found.

You should definitely get a newly released 17-inch laptop if you are unable to fix your slow computer.

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