Can You Use A PS4 Controller On An Xbox One? (Explained!)

Controllers for video gaming consoles have become rather costly.

The new functionalities added to the controllers with each iteration have gradually transformed them into self-contained technological marvels.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One controllers contain tilt sensors, two joysticks, a directional pad, four right thumb buttons, two triggers, two bumper triggers, a “menu” button, and a “options”/”share” button, and an ergonomic design.

Is It Possible To Use A PS4 Controller With An Xbox One?

Despite their resemblance, the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are not interchangeable. While both controllers can link and work on a PC, the PS4 and Xbox One couple in different ways to provide low latency controls.

Aside from the pairing differences, the controllers have distinct internal components, necessitating the usage of various drivers (software instructions) for the console to function with them.

As a result, the PS4 controller works with Android, iOS, macOS, PCs, and PS4.

Android, iOS, macOS, PC, and Xbox One may all be used with the Xbox One Controller.

While it may appear that they were built to operate with everything but rival home consoles, this is owing to the more open nature of tablet, smartphone, and computer operating systems.

A spare PS4 controller will not suffice if you need a new or additional controller for your Xbox One.

A controller designed exclusively for Xbox One consoles is required.

Some games also allow you to use a mouse and keyboard as an alternative.

Who knows, you could discover that using a mouse and keyboard is the ideal option for you.

It’s also a nice backup choice because most individuals have a keyboard and mouse at home in case their Xbox controller breaks down.

Your PS4 controller, however, will not operate with your Xbox One. Don’t toss it out.

Even if you don’t play PS4 as frequently as you used to, you could discover that having your PS4 controller handy later on for connecting with a computer, smartphone, or tablet opens up new possibilities.

What Controllers Are Compatible With Xbox One?

There are alternatives to the Xbox One controller’s primary design and function if you don’t like it.

The PS4 controller, as previously indicated, did not cut.

But don’t be concerned.

There are still a lot of possibilities to pick from.

Although none of them have the same form size as the PS4 controller, you might be able to locate one that suits your needs.

Here’s a basic rundown of Xbox One controller alternatives:

  • Wireless Xbox Controller
  • Wireless Xbox Elite Controller
  • Series 2 of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • Custom Wireless Controller from Xbox Design Lab
  • Wired Gaming Controller by Razer Wolverine
  • Recon Wired Controller by Turtle Beach
  • Driving Wheel and Pedals for Logitech G920
  • RIG Professional Controller
  • VelocityOne Flight at Turtle Beach
  • Ferrari 458 Thrustmaster
  • Fusion Pro’s Strength
  • Duke Wired Controller by Hyperkin
  • Atrox Arcade Stick by Razor for Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller by Microsoft

Many additional controllers are compatible.

On the first page of Amazon, a short search will turn up approximately five more.

If you’re not sure what you’re searching for, picking the proper controller might be tricky.

I favor conventional designs, and I even prefer the Xbox Core controller design over the PS4 controller design. The fact that I have larger hands is the key cause for this.

Although the PS4 controller is attractive, it might be difficult to hold at times.

The ‘V’ design of the Xbox One controller is substantially broader, allowing me to grasp it more easily.

If you want to utilize your PS4 controller on your Xbox One, the Razer Wolverine is the closest controller on the list to the shape and slimness of the PS4 controller.

It has the same basic form as the original Xbox controller, except it’s a little slimmer.

If you haven’t upgraded your Xbox One controller yet, you need to go to a GameStop near you to do so.

The design is a little more compact and ergonomic.

A USB mouse and keyboard may be used with the Xbox One as well.

This combination will not work with every Xbox game, but it will work with a majority of them.

Some games are even better with a mouse and keyboard since they were created to be played with them in the first place.

If you play first-person shooters, you may discover that your mouse precision exceeds your thumbstick motions.

How Can I Connect My PS4 Controller?

You’ll probably want to know what you can link your PS4 controller to now that I’ve established that it won’t function on your Xbox One.

The PS4 controller can link with other devices through Bluetooth, as you may know.

By putting your PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller into Bluetooth pairing mode, you may connect it to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

To do so, press the PS button on your controller to turn it on.

Then press and hold the PS button and the ‘Share’ button on the left of the touchpad until the light bar flashes.

The pairing mode on your Dualshock 4 controller should now be active.

You’ll be able to use controllers other than your PS4 to play games or just have a remote control now.

The PlayStation DualShock 4 controller is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • iPad
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • tvOS
  • ChromeOS

Thousands upon thousands of devices, ranging from Chromebooks, tablets, and phones to entire PCs and smart TVs, run on those operating systems.

Every operating system, as you may be aware, contains at least a tiny library of games to play.

Indie games and emulators are frequently allowed on operating systems with open content stores.

If you wish to use this function to avoid issues pairing your PS4 controller with your Xbox One, you may link it with another device and stream Xbox games to that screen using the Xbox App console streaming feature or GamePass cloud gaming.

This is the only way to use a PlayStation controller to play Xbox games.

It’s not the most convenient way, but it gets the job done in the end.

Is it possible to use an Xbox One controller with my PS4 or PS5?

The Xbox core controller isn’t compatible with the PS4 or the upcoming PS5, just like a PS4 controller isn’t compatible with the Xbox One.

While the Xbox One controller has Bluetooth capabilities, it does not have PS4 driver compatibility.

It’s hard to blame Sony or Microsoft for not investing money and work in supporting rivals’ devices.

Though one might argue that the excuse of software drivers is solely commercial ‘political,’ given that both the PS4 and Xbox One controllers are supported by Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, iOS, and even tvOS.

The schism might be caused by a corporate competition rather than a technical one.

In any case, we’re unlikely to see Microsoft and Sony put their differences aside and collaborate.

For the time being, you’ll have to make do with whatever compatibility is available, or you may create your controller that will work on any system regardless of business alignments or geopolitics.

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