Do PS5 Controllers Have Serial Numbers?

A serial number appears to be on almost every electrical gadget these days.

It’s similar to how social security numbers work.

This is a method of tracking and recognizing your device as yours.

There are a lot of things to take in now that the PlayStation 5 is available in most parts of the world.

You might not instantly recognize this gadget as a PlayStation if you own a PS3 or PS4.

Its user interface is unlike anything we’ve seen from Sony before, and it has a more modern feel to it.

When you initially get your PS5, you might be tempted to get right into setting it up and playing for hours on end.

But before you do anything else, get a pen and paper and write down all of the serial numbers.

All well,” you respond, “but where are the serial numbers?

I’ll explain to you what I mean. This 17-digit number will come in handy if you ever need to contact PlayStation Consumer Services.

The serial number for the console can also be found on the original packaging as well as on the device itself, which is placed on the bottom of the console.

What about the controllers, though? Is there a unique serial number for each Dual Sense controller?

And, if so, where can I find their serial numbers? Should you jot down those details as well, just in case something goes wrong? Allow me to show you how to locate serial numbers on the PlayStation 5 and its controllers.

Are there serial numbers on PS5 controllers?

A serial number is assigned to each PS5 Dual Sense controller. Just below the QR code on the back of this wireless controller is the serial number. This number will be familiar to you because it contains 17 alphabetic characters.

On the PS5 and its controllers, where do you look for serial numbers? Why do you think you’d need to know them?

What’s the best way to distinguish which of your Dual Sense controllers came with your PS5 and which is an “extra”?

Is it possible to track a stolen PS5 controller using the serial number? Is it possible to recognize a fake Dual Sense controller using the serial number?

Continue reading to learn more about the PS5’s serial numbers and Dual Sense controllers.

What is the location of the serial number on the Dual Sense Controller?

The serial number on your Dual Sense controller comprises 17 alphanumeric characters, making it easy to remember.

It’s on the back of the controller, just below the QR code.

It, along with the PS5 console’s serial number, should appear on the original package (which can be found on the bottom of the console).

What is the purpose of knowing the serial number?

You can contact PlayStation Consumer Services if your console or controller is ever lost or stolen.

The customer service representative will request the serial numbers so that they may begin tracking on their end.

Prepare to provide them with this information; it will be beneficial to you.

What distinguishes my controllers?

The serial numbers on your controllers will help you distinguish them.

Each one will be identified by a unique number.

Of course, you could just customize each one with stickers to distinguish them.

Is it possible to track a stolen Dual Sense controller using the serial number?

Because thieves like to take your complete system, you’ll want to track each stolen component using the console’s serial number as well as the serial numbers from your controllers.

You’ll need to file a police complaint and open a case with Sony Consumer Services, giving them any relevant details concerning the crime and the stolen devices.

Is it possible to recognize a fake Dual Sense controller using the serial number?

You can check if you have a fake Dual Sense controller, as well as a fake PS5 (yes, they are out there).

Taking the back off the controller is one of the easiest methods to determine the difference.

Because fakes frequently employ lower-powered, low-cost batteries, you’ll notice a difference in the battery.

You may also tell by looking at the serial numbers, which may or may not contain all 17 digits.

Why You Should Keep a Record of Your Serial Numbers

Knowing the serial numbers of your expensive electronic items is critical.

If your devices are ever stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster, writing them down and storing them somewhere safe (like inside a locked box) can assist you in the future.

You’ll need to provide these serial numbers when filing a police report, an insurance claim, or opening a lost/stolen device case with Sony so that the devices may be tracked.

Sony can trace down someone who steals your PS5 and its controllers and uses them to check-in from a different place.

They won’t be able to do anything else; that will be up to your local law enforcement, who will need a warrant to enter your home and recover your stolen items.

Closing Thoughts

To aid in identification, each PlayStation and Sony-made PS accessory will have its unique serial number.

Keep in mind that these serial numbers might be used to track down stolen consoles and accessories, so write them down somewhere safe.

You never know when you’ll require their services.

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