Rain Shower vs Regular Shower Head 2022

If you are new to the showerhead discussion, you’re probably wondering what the difference between the two even is. To start with, the most significant differences between the two are their respective shape, size, and positioning. 

At first glance, the rain shower almost always stands out due to its bigger size the way it is mounted on the wall or roof. Its purpose is to provide the feeling of standing under the rain as you shower, which might be odd to think about, but actually has quite an alluring feel to it. There are many of us that love the rain. There is something so peaceful, exciting, and just utterly serene about it. 

Now that feeling can be recreated at any time you wish with the invention of these rain showerheads. If you feel yourself getting curious to know more and inclined towards buying one, read the rest of this article and familiarise yourself with each type’s strengths and weaknesses through the rain shower vs. regular shower head debate.

Rainshower vs Regular Shower Head 2021

Rain Shower Head

You already know its purpose is to give you the feel of showering under the rainfall at any time you want. Now to move on and see what exactly sets it apart. 

  • Size and Shape

This type of showerhead usually comes in the shape of squares or rectangles, about 8 to 10 inches in length. It is often positioned in such a way that it is parallel to the ground/roof. The mounting may be done from the roof itself, or as usual, from the wall, making sure that the head’s parallel position to the ground stays unchanged.

  • Water Spray

This showerhead has many spray nozzles scattered throughout its surface, providing a good balance between the water flow and the subsequent water pressure. 

  • Adjustable Shower Head

The height of the showerhead is adjustable, meaning that your own height should not be an issue or obstacle getting in the way of your enjoyment. 

Furthermore, despite its original design indicating that it be positioned parallel to the ground, its angle can still be adjusted if desired. The change in the flow of water due to this change in angle is negligible.

  • Coverage

The showerhead’s size, shape, and position make it so that the water is flowed down over your head and then to the rest of your body, providing a nice full body coverage.

Regular Shower Head

The majority of us are already well aware of the regular showerhead. However, some features that make it stand out still despite the newer inventions are listed down below.

  • Water Pressure

The regular showerhead has a great balance between water flow and water pressure. The spray is just right and the solid water pressure is unbeatable for many. 

This further contributes to the fact that showers with this sort of showerhead would be quicker if needed, saving up on significant time.

  • Compact 

This type of showerhead comes in a circular shape and a smaller size of about 5 inches or less, making it compact and a good choice for a smaller bathroom.


To finish off and thoroughly differentiate between the two, written below are the distinct differences between the showerheads in the form of the pros and cons of the rain shower head when compared to the regular shower head.

Pros and Cons of the Rain Shower Heard over the Regular Shower Head

  • Full body coverage
  • Adjustable
  • Steady water flow
  • Stylish look
  • Relaxing 
  • Pressure setting
  • No problem in breathing
  • Costly
  • Low water pressure
  • Longer shower time
  • Increased water usage

And there we have it. The rain shower vs. regular shower head debate illustrated with the main features of each pointed out and then finished off with the pros and cons of the relatively new rain shower head in contrast to the original shower head.

Which do you prefer? The exotic-feeling rain shower head or the oldie but goldie regular shower head?

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