Refurbished Concept2 Rowers for Sale 2022

Refurbished Concept2 rowers are the best option for people who want to enjoy a complete workout without investing in a new machine. Refurbished rowers are quite close to the original design but at almost half price.

Why Concept2?

For some used concept2 rowing machine is not so reliable, then why are Concept2’s refurbished models so common and highly sought after? People new to rower’s world might be wondering, and there is nothing wrong with that. Let me answer this.

Concept2 was the first brand to create a rowing machine for athletes in 1981. Since then, they have continued to be the best rowing machine brands. They have the most durable and ergonomic models. It’s not only me saying that, but almost every Concept2 user would also agree to that. Even if you throw their machine in a corner for years, you’d still be able to enjoy the best performance with a little maintenance. People from around the world share stories of how easily they could refurbish Concept2 rowers for extended life. The amazing thing here is that the refurbished rowing machines also do not give up soon. Such durability and superior-quality construction have enabled the brand to won the trust of thousands of people.

Moreover, the brand itself encourages people to refurbish their machines by providing them equally efficient spare parts. That further helps people ensure that their additional investment will not go in vain. The company also offers great customer service. They are always ready to help people from booking orders to refurbishing the machines. So why not Concept2!

Where to get Concept 2 Rower Refurbished?  

Reach out to Enthusiastic Individuals

A lot of fitness enthusiasts do not let a Concept2 rower die easily even after extended use. You may find stories of such people online or on the Concept2’s blogs. They have shared methods, techniques, and resources they had used for the process. You may want to get in touch with such people and check if they are willing to sell their refurbished models.

Checkout Brands


What’s the best place to get a refurbished machine than the manufacturer itself? When looking out for brands to get a refurbished rower Concept 2, should be your priority. Contact their customer services for the best information on the available models. They’ll guide you best about what and from where you can get the machines. There is a high chance you’ll have to go to their location to pick up the machine, which may or may not be in your reach. Moreover, since Concept 2 itself is the original manufacturer, it uses original resources to repair the machine, which generally makes it more trustworthy and reliable than any other brand. It may also somehow reduce the cost of the refurbished models.

Note: The company works on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you are planning to get a refurbished model, contact it as soon as possible.

Others Brands

You can also check out brands like Origin Fitness for refurbished and cheap concept 2 rowing machines. Origin has given out some pointers to help people know what exactly they are getting. According to them:

  • There has been some work done on the machine-like parts have been fitted or functions have been re-managed.
  • The machine has been repainted, and chips and scratches have been removed.
  • The covers might be a little scratched.
  • Seats, running belts, grips, and other such parts might be worn, though it should be workable.
  • Buttons and display can be slightly damaged, but they should be utilizable.
  • It requires frequent and proper cleaning.

Based on these pointers, you must have a clear idea of what you might get as a refurbished rower. They’ll are practically working and pretty useful, but they are not in the best of their conditions. They have chips and damages here and there. Their lifespan is not as long as that of an original rower, but they work enough to pay off their cost. You may or may not get a warranty for refurbished machines. Even if you do, they’ll be very limited, like for three months or so.

Websites and Applications

There are several websites and applications like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace that allow for some valuable bargain. You can find individual sellers or small and large organizations selling refurbished Concept 2 rowers. One thing you need to make sure that you approach the highest-rated sellers or best-sellers so that you are not involved in any scam. If you do not find your desired model right away, set your searches for that model, for instance, “refurbished concept 2 model d”, “refurbished concept 2 model e”, etc. so that you are instantly notified once they get in the market. You can also visit other websites like eBay and LetGo or any other that you have had a better experience with. The main thing is that you a verified seller with good customer reviews.

Do it Yourself

If you are a fitness geek with significant knowledge of rowers’ working and build, then you can refurbish it yourself. All you have to do is get a used or thrown away model and contact Concept 2 for spare parts and guidelines for the process. Their customer service team will help you with the entire process as much as they can. You can also watch videos from other refurbishers for a more detailed idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Those videos are quite helpful as they show detailed steps that might be difficult to understand over a call or an email.

Final Words For Refurbished Concept2 Rowing Machine

It isn’t so hard to get a refurbished concept 2 rowers if you can reach the right seller. These machines are quite useful and help you save a lot of money. They are a viable option for people on a low budget or ones who do not work out regularly. So if you plan to invest in a cheap concept 2 rowing machine, do not hesitate, but research about it properly to make sure you are getting what you want.

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