Remington MB4040 Rechargeable Mustache Beard & Stubble Trimmer Review

Remington is a brand name that has been in the industry for more than seven decades and is an expert in the matter of innovation in cutting edge technology. They team up with salon and beauty professionals to ensure that the products produced actually work as desired by clients.

For those with very fine hair and need finer adjustments to the cutting lengths of their trimmers, this Remington MB4040 trimmer review has a standing solution to their problem.

Remington MB4040 trimmer will get the job done through its adjustable beard combs and 3 precision blades for beard, stubble, and goatee trimming. The interesting bit of it is that there are no maintenances to be done to the blades since they are self-sharpening. You also get 9 length settings to achieve any beard length desired. The blades are coated with titanium for prolonged durability. If you need to use it cordlessly, the lithium-ion battery makes it possible.

Generally, this trimmer is a good choice if you are looking for varied beard lengths and styles including stubble and goatee.

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Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache, Beard and Stubble Trimmer Kit (4 pieces), Black
as of November 2, 2023 4:19 am


When you open the box, the following accessories are included:

  • Beard attachment
  • Goatee attachment
  • Stubble attachment
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual

Key Features

  • Powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery for 120 minutes of cordless use.
  • 3 precision blades for beard, stubble and goatee trims.
  • 9 length settings of the blades.
  • Titanium coated long lasting blades.
  • No maintenance on blades since they are self-sharpening.
  • Ergonomic design for easier use.
  • Washable hence easier cleaning.
  • Quick release option for easier and quicker handling.
  • A 2 year warranty period.

Cleaning, Renew & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of Remington MB4040 trimmer is as simple as this review states. When it comes to cleaning, there’s not much work to be done since the trimmer has a washable design. By simply putting it under running water from a faucet, all the cleaning work is done.

Maintenance of the blades is equally effortless. The blades are self-sharpening and that simply means you won’t be applying oil neither need to sharpen the blades at all. Parts that may need renewal are simply the attachments and the blades after a long period of use. But since the blades are titanium coated, you won’t need renewal services so soon after purchase.


The features of Remington MB4040 trimmer give it many usage advantages, including:

  • Modular Cutting with Multiple Blades: This trimmer comes with a wide blade that gives a fast and efficient trimming and at the same time the detail blades are suitable for tight spots trimming. The blades are precision ground as well for an elevated cutting performance.
  • Multiple Length Settings: The multiple blade length settings give you different grooming lengths facilitated by the zoom wheel to keep the selected length in place. The titanium coated blades are also durable and strong.
  • Powerful Motor to Facilitate Quicker Trimming: The trimmer is equipped with a powerful motor which shortens the process of cutting through thicker hair. This together with the self-sharpening blades cut through any hair thickness much quicker.
  • The Choice of Beard, Stubble and Goatee Trimmers: The trimmer also comes with three attachment combs to help you choose between beard, stubble and goatee trimmer. The beard trimmer has wider teeth and creates a new style or can maintain your current style. On the other hand, Goatee trimmer makes use of a precision detail blade to create fine lines around your goatees and mustaches. The stubble trimmer teeth that are finely pitched to give you a three days stubble for every trim in a week.
  • Cozy and Sleek Design: Remington MB4040 trimmer has been designed with usability in mind to make a quick, comfortable and easy trim. Its body is slim with no-slip grip for a comfortable hold and maneuver.
  • Cordless Operation: This trimmer has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can give you up to 120 minutes of cordless use. A full recharge is required in three hours only, so you can also carry it along on a journey.


The cons are rather few and do not have much significance in choosing this trimmer.

  • Heating Up: The trimmer can get heated up very quickly when using cordless.
  • Messy Trims: Since it lacks a vacuum system, your trims can be a little messy if not controlled.

Final Verdict

Is Remington MB4040 trimmer good for you? Even though the trims can be a little messy, it is certainly a good choice if you don’t care much about the mess.

If you love creating precisions on your beard, goatee or stubble, then its choice of attachments will surely make it possible to achieve the desired look. This together with the 9 length settings, you can trim your beards to any desired length. Don’t forget the easy cleaning of the trimmer since it is washable, and there’s no blade maintenance needed. Since the blades are self-sharpening, you can get your trims as many times as you wish in a week and each time the blades will give you an even and clean cut.

Remington MB4040 Lithium-ion Powered Men’s Rechargeable Moustache, Beard and Stubble Trimmer is, therefore, an ultimate choice for you if you are after a trimmer that can give you different trims at its price range.

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