How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker?

For over six decades now, Harman Kardon has been known for the manufacture of stylish portable Bluetooth speakers. The modern speakers come equipped with long-lasting battery life with an aesthetically pleasing design. To top it up, Harman Kardon speakers are portable and produce a high-quality sound so that you can enjoy your music anywhere.

The unique and simplistic design of the Harman Kardon wireless speakers makes them stand out from their peers. Unlike other premium speakers, they come in different shapes and colors to fit your décor. But have you ever wondered how you could reset your Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker? If yes, worry no more, in this article, I will show you how to do it.

How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker?

So, how do I reset my Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker? To reset, you press and hold the ‘Reset’ Button for five seconds. The ‘reset’ button will be located at different locations on your speaker, depending on your speaker mode.

The position of the reset button will vary from one model to the other. For example, for Citation one and Citation 100 models, the reset button is located at the bottom of the speaker. It is clearly labeled ‘reset.’ To reset, you press and hold the button for five seconds. The speaker will shut off afterward and come on again automatically.

For Citation 300 and 500 models, the reset button is situated right next to the power button and the service buttons. The reset process is the same. Simply long-press the ‘reset’ button for about five seconds. This will shut down the speaker and come back up again.

The Citation bar is another unique Bluetooth speaker from Harmon Kardon. For this model, the reset button is located on the touchscreen surface of the speaker. Here, to reset, you will press the reset button and go to factory reset. Then follow the usual procedure after that by pressing the reset button for five seconds. This will restart the soundbar, and all settings will be deleted.

Another unique model is the Citation Surround. You can easily reset this one by pressing the ‘reset’ button on the speaker’s back for five seconds. After that, the speaker restarts itself. Once it is on, you can go ahead and configure it with your preferred settings.

The Citation Sub, reset button is located next to the LED indicator on the backside. While the Citation multibeam is found right next to the USB and AUX ports. To rest these two speakers, you simply press the ‘reset’ button for five seconds. Like the other models, this will restart the speaker, allowing you to pair your devices and enjoy your music.

Guide to reset your Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers

Every speaker manufacturer has its distinct design. Furthermore, even within the same brand, the reset button may be designed and positioned differently. When pushed, however, all of these will eventually result in the same action.

To reset your Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speaker (any model), follow these steps:

  • First and foremost, ensure that your speaker is switched on.
  • Disconnect all of the devices that were previously connected to your speaker. To delete your speaker from your iOS or Android settings, select it from the Bluetooth list and click “Forget device.”
  • Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds to reset the speaker. Other models will need you to simultaneously press and hold the Bluetooth and power buttons. Some people will utilize the volume up (+) button in conjunction with the Bluetooth button.
  • When you switch your Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker back on, the factory settings will be restored, and it will be ready to link with your smartphone.

Resetting Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker

The methods to reset most Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers, such as the ONYX Studio Wireless, are as follows:

  • First, make sure the speaker is turned on. Check the LED indication to do so.
  • Then, for 5 to 10 seconds, press and hold the power and volume buttons together.
  • The speaker will beep for a few seconds before turning off.
  • Some models will automatically switch back on, while others will require manual activation.
  • The LED light on the speaker will flicker when you switch it on, indicating that it is in pairing mode and that the speaker configuration has been reset to default.
  • Connect your device and start listening to music.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will resetting my Bluetooth speaker fix the problem it has?

A hardware or software issue might cause a Bluetooth link or pairing to fail. Bluetooth connections can break for a variety of reasons, but the vast majority of them are simple to fix. Yes, resetting your speaker allows it to connect with your device for the first time, removing any faults that may have caused it to fail to pair.

2. Is it true that resetting my Harman Kardon speaker may shorten its lifespan?

No. This is an urban legend that has been around for quite some time. Many additional elements have an impact on your speaker’s life. The length of time your equipment stays with you is determined by how well you care for it. The number of times your smartphone is reset, however, does not affect the battery life or physical condition of your device.

3. What is the procedure for resetting my Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2?

By pushing and holding the Bluetooth button for 3 to 5 seconds, you may do this. Your speaker will resume, and the LED on the front will begin blinking to signal that it is ready to connect. You may now check for the speaker’s availability on your smartphone and pair it.

4. What is the procedure for resetting my HK Kardon Onyx Studio 4?

Before you reset your device, make sure it’s turned on. Next, press and hold the Bluetooth button while also pressing and holding the volume up (+) button. Carry on like this until your speaker shuts down. Return it to its original position. Your speaker is now ready to be paired. Look for the speaker in the list of accessible Bluetooth devices on your device. Pair your smartphone with the HK Onyx Studio 4 speaker. You should be able to listen to your music immediately.

5. What is the procedure for pairing a Harman Kardon speaker?

To begin, switch on your Bluetooth devices, such as your iPhone, laptop, or tablet. Then, using the right-side button, switch on your Harman Kardon speaker. To activate Bluetooth, press the left side of the speaker. Connect your device once the Bluetooth connection is displayed. Ascertain that your residence is within proximity of your speaker. The quality of the Bluetooth connection will be harmed if there is a physical or electrical impediment. When your speaker is connected, the LED on the speaker will blink.

6. What is the best way to tell if my Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker is charging?

To begin, use the standard branded micro-USB cable to connect your speaker to the charger. By hitting the power button, you may turn on your speaker. The LED light will turn on when it is turned on. The LED will begin blinking once the charger is attached until the battery is fully charged.

7. What is the procedure for resetting my Harman Kardon Citation 1?

Make sure your speaker is turned on. Next, for five seconds, push the RESET button on the bottom of your Citation 1 speaker. This will return your speaker to its factory settings. Your speaker will automatically turn off and on once it has been reset. Your speaker will be ready to pair once it is turned on. The flashing LED in front of the speaker will show this.

8. What is the procedure for resetting a Harman Kardon mini?

Before resetting your HK tiny speaker, make sure it is turned on. Then, for three to five seconds, simultaneously push the volume up (+) button and the Play/Pause Button. Release the buttons after you notice that all of the speaker’s LED lights are turned on. Allow time for the device to restart. The speaker’s LED will begin to flicker, indicating that it is ready for connection. You may now connect it to whichever device you choose.


Harman Kardon’s Bluetooth speakers are cheaper than other companies, despite their luxury design and sound quality. Harman Kardon has you covered whether you’re searching for a basic portable speaker or a complex home theater system.

Harman Kardon Speakers have a consistent appearance that makes it easier to find certain functions like the reset button. Knowing how to reset your speaker will come in useful when it develops issues or you simply want to restore the factory settings.

Bluetooth speakers are quickly gaining popularity as a fun way to listen to music and have a good time. Bluetooth technology has made a significant contribution to providing a robust and secure network for a wide range of devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs. However, just as every technology has its benefits and drawbacks, not every technological item will function well.

Even though practically all Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers come with a comprehensive user manual, it might be difficult to understand at times. This post will show you how to rapidly link your Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker with your device and reset it.

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