Shoe Stretcher Spray Guide

shoe stretcher spray guide
Written by Mathew

Imagine getting ready for a special evening out. You are wearing a brand new outfit and are styled to perfection. However, when you slip on your favorite shoes, you find them too tight.

Wooden shoe stretchers have been around for decades. The process of using them is called “dry stretching.” They work by stretching the fibers of leather shoes. They can be quite the contraptions to handle, but they do the job. The only problem is it can often take days to stretch a pair of shoes using a regular shoe stretcher.

Shoe stretch spray is inexpensive. There are several sources online with prices less than $15 in spray bottles up to 32 ounces, I highly recommend you purchase online through Amazon. It works best on regular or simulated leather, but not materials like rubber or other synthetics. They work on leather gloves as well. As with the stretcher, the spray relaxes and softens fibers so that adjustment can take place. The spray dries very quickly, which is one reason it is more popular than the manual manner. It does not stain the inside of shoes and does not leave an unwanted odor.

If you are not comfortable with subjecting your designer shoes to traction-type shoe stretchers and you do not trust a shoe stretching liquid substance from a company whose name you have never heard, you have options. You can take your shoes back to the retail store where you purchased them and ask if they can stretch them. If they cannot help you, you can take your shoes to a professional shoe repair shop. They have machines that will utilize the correct amount of heat and pressure to stretch your shoes by width or length, and only as much as you want.

Using a liquid shoe stretcher spray is one of the easiest things you will ever do. You may have to follow slightly different instructions for different manufacturers. These days, a shoe stretcher solution is often used first and then the shoes are placed onto a shoe stretcher.

However, most of the time, all that is necessary for the spray to work properly is to spritz the insides of your shoes, either the sides or the back, step into them and go about your business for an hour or so. They will gradually stretch and your feet will be much happier.

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