Why Do Some Websites Not Load on iPad?

You likely use Safari, Apple’s custom-made web browser when surfing the web on your iPad.

All devices include this software pre-installed, and it was designed to offer excellent performance and stability.

Unfortunately, Safari can sometimes be very different from what we expect.

Websites that do not load properly in Safari are a common problem.

The website may not be able to be loaded by the browser.

There may be a problem displaying a blank page or crashing the application.

Why Do Some Websites Not Load on iPad?

There is no clear reason why some websites won’t load on Safari on your iPad. This issue is usually caused by an incorrect setting on your iPad or by the need to relaunch your device. It is important to note that before proceeding to the troubleshooting section of this article, you must be certain the problem does not pertain to the website you are trying to access.

To put it another way, you need to verify whether the website is operational.

You may think that this advice is pretty obvious, but the problem may come from something other than your iPad.

If you check that the site is functioning first, you will be able to avoid a great deal of troubleshooting.

You should begin by attempting to access Google. If you can access Google, then you should load a few other websites.

Those should work too, so you can try loading the original site again.

You should be able to load it if your browser is working correctly. It is out of your control if the website does not function properly.

Whatever the reason is, these problems seem to be increasing in frequency.

To troubleshoot a broken or not loading website on an iPad, follow these steps:

  • Find out if the problem is with the website or your device
  • Reset your iPad and router
  • Make sure your date and time are set correctly
  • Clear the cache and browsing history on your iPad
  • Try another browser (like Chrome)

Would you like assistance completing each of these steps? Read on for more information.

How to Fix Websites Not Loading on iPad

Are you sure that the website is not the problem? Here are some ways to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Verify the network connection

Your internet connection is the first thing you should check.

Ensure the router is turned on.

Checking other devices in your home is one way to do so.

Do they have trouble loading websites? Plug the router back in after it has rested for a few seconds, if not, unplug it, and then plug it back in again.

2. Turn off all VPNs

Disable your iPad VPN for a little while if you are using one. You might be able to access websites after that.

3. Check the restriction settings

Devices can be restricted easily by Apple, though sometimes they are set inadvertently.

Check your browser settings to see whether any restrictions are enabled that prevent you from viewing certain websites.

You can do this by going to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

You can go directly to the next fix if you find the content and privacy restrictions toggled off.

If you don’t want this feature enabled, you’ll want to disable it.

In iOS 12 and higher, you can do so by entering the screen time or restrictions password.

Users of iOS11 or below should head to Settings > General > Restrictions.

You can remove all restrictions by using your restrictions password.

4. Check the date and time settings

Your device may not match online servers because of its Date & Time settings.

Select Settings > General > Date & Time. Be sure the Automatically check box is selected.

This should be the case if it isn’t.

Turn it off for a few seconds, then turn it back on again if it’s on.

5. Turn on and off Airplane Mode

When your iPad is experiencing a network issue, it’s a good idea to put it in airplane mode for a few seconds to refresh the settings.

The Airplane Mode button can be toggled in Settings.

Also, you can toggle Airplane Mode from the Control Center.

Turn the toggle on for a few seconds before turning it off.

6. You need to restart your iPad

Another excellent solution to this problem is to restart your iPad.

Some temporary bugs can be eliminated by a simple reboot if other methods haven’t worked.

7. Clear the cache and browsing history

If you’re having problems browsing the web, be sure to check the cache and browsing data.

Browser issues are usually caused by these factors, especially if you’re having problems with just one website.

The cache should be cleared and data from your website should be deleted.

You can solve the problem by deleting all cookies, caches, and website data after you complete these steps.

Go to Safari in Settings on your iPad.

Click on Advanced at the bottom of the page.

Click on Remove All Website Data to delete all of your website data.

Reboot your iPad after completing these steps and start your iPad again. If the problem persists, go to Settings and Safari.

Try clearing your browser’s history and data this time.

8. Try a different web browser

Lastly, if it seems like nothing else is working, you can sometimes use another browser.

Switching to Chrome may be the easiest solution since Chrome generally encounters fewer loading problems.

Wrapping Up

You can access websites that are not loading by following the steps listed above. Some like to take things a step further and disable the use of Safari on their iPad and iPhones.

Although Apple devices are pre-installed with Safari, it is not a popular browser among many individuals.

Are you still experiencing problems? Please ensure that you are running the latest version of your operating system.

There may seem to be no benefit to using an older version, but it could prove to be beneficial.

If all else fails, it may be time to contact Apple Technical Support for specific diagnostics.

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