Sprinkler System Cost

If you have trouble managing your lawn on your own, you’d surely appreciate a lawn irrigation system.

What is a Garden Sprinkler System?

Garden sprinkler is a device to water the plants in the garden. You’ll find several types of sprinklers, including underground water sprinkler, above-ground sprinkler system, and DIY sprinkler system, etc. These are the three main categories of a sprinkler system.  

How Much the Sprinkler System Cost?

A lawn irrigation system aims to save your money, efforts, and water resources. So how much does the sprinkler system cost itself? The average cost range is between $500 and %5000. Now it depends upon how much you are willing to spend on your garden. So your budget is very important here. Other than the budget, a few other factors decide the cost of a lawn irrigation system.

Your Location

Your sprinkler system will cost you more if you live in an area with scarce water resources. To test that, you can visit a lawn care store in Washington and another in Arizona. The price differences will be drastic. Moreover, if you live in a hilly area, your garden will lose more water than it’ll retain, which will require more input, thereby more money.

Land Area

You’d want your sprinkler installation to cover your whole garden, and why not! Therefore, the bigger the lawn, the greater the sprinkler, and an equally greater cost.

Types of Irrigation System

There are four different types of irrigation systems. Each comes with a different cost.

Surface Irrigation System

It is an above-ground sprinkler system, featuring a spraying head that sprinkles water in randomly any direction. Its possible cost ranges for various acreages are:

Price According to land

1 acre = $6,000 to $8,000

½ acre = $3,500 to 5,500

1/3 acre = $2,000 to $3,000  

Drip Sprinklers System

Drip irrigation is one of the most effective irrigation systems. It waters the roots directly instead of sprinkling randomly. The water flow is super slow, allowing each drop to be absorbed easily. Its possible cost ranges are:

Price According to land

1 acre = $750 to $1,000

½ acre = $500 to $750

1/3 acre = $250 to $500

Furrow Irrigation

Furrow irrigation is the simplest irrigation system. To install this irrigation system, you need to make several slopes throughout the garden. The water stays at the furrows while the plants on the ridge. The water slowly seeps into the ground, providing the roots with the required amount of water.

Price According to land

1 acre = $750 – 1,000

½ acre = $500 – 750

 1/3 acre = $250 – 500

Rotor Systems

The rotor system, like the traditional sprinkler, features a spray head, but with better control over functionality, enabling you to target specific areas of the garden.

Price According to land

1 acre = $1,000 to $1,500

½ acre = $700 to $1,000

1/3 acre = $250 to $700

Wrap Up

Based on your budget and requirements, the sprinkler installation cost may vary from $250 to $1500. So before you put your money into any of the systems, make sure to check the formerly mentioned factors.

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