Standard Shower Head Height

Imagine walking into a shower only to realize it is installed at your shoulder’s height and does not reach up to your head. Won’t that be odd? Well, to avoid such situations, shower head manufacturers and plumbers use standard shower sizes. Let’s have a look at the standard shower heights for various types of showerheads.

Standard Shower Head Height

The standard height of a shower head is 80 inches. That’s how high the showerhead is from the ground. This shower head height suits the average-heightened people. However, this can vary depending upon your personal preferences, shower dimensions, average ceiling height, your own height, etc.

If you live with your family, you must get a shower height suitable for the tallest member, and the rest will not be affected.  However, in public-accessible places, like hotels, offices, etc., the shower height is kept a little taller than standard height because there are people with taller heights.

Recommended Shower Head Heights

There isn’t any strict rule about shower head heights, but the two of the deciding factors are the user’s height and showerhead type.

Shower Head Height Based On Users’ Height

It is best to install a shower head 3 inches higher than the person’s height using it. This gap allows you to enjoy the various spray patterns, which is not possible otherwise. Here is a general shower head height guide for a range of user’s heights.

shower head height according to user’s heights.
  • 5 ft. – 63-inches
  • 5.7 ft. – 71-inches
  • 6 ft. – 75-inches
  • 6.3 ft. – 78-inches
  • 6.6 ft. – 81-inches

Shower Heights Based on Shower Type

Wall-Mounted Shower Heads

The standard shower head height for this type of standing shower is 80 inches. However, considering the user’s height and preferences, they can be installed at a different height as well.

Rain Shower Heads

An ideal height for a rainy shower head is 84-inches from the ground. You can perfectly enjoy the feel of rain at such a height. It is also suitable for lower average ceiling height as the water coming out of it is already spread.

Handheld Shower Head

The most suitable height for a handheld showerhead is between 72 and 78 inches. Most public and commercial places use this type of showerhead. It serves variety the best.

Shower Control Heights

You might be able to manage even if the showerhead isn’t at the most suitable height, but what if the shower controls are also somewhere near the showerhead. The shower controls must be at an appropriate height where everyone, even the kids, can reach them. An ideal height range is 38 to 48 inches.


It is important to choose the shower head height according to your requirements. When you live in a family or group with average-heightened people, then getting a standard height for your shower head seems to be the right choice. Make sure to measure the height of all the users and check the showerhead type before paying for its installation.  

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